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So Mewtwo is going to be released April 15 since I got both the 3DS and Wii U version of the game. That's still a ways away though, but it coincides with the first night of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Also some of the DLC Mii costumes look cool. I'm planning on getting the Smash shirts, Cat/Monkey hats/shirts and Majoras Mask. I just wish you didn't have to pay for them. That's seriously not cool. Even if it's 100% optional. 

Oh and I'm excited for Lucas in this game to release in June. But also for the vote for smashers ballot I put in one for Dixie Kong and Tetra. Not counting on either one to get in but man would it be awesome! 

Then...April 23 is Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing DLC!! I love the changing seasons in the Animal Crossing track, but I was hoping you could choose which season at a time. Also kind of wish the villager would be the same villager from the Smash Bros game but that's being picky. I need my Diddy Kong! I hope there's more DLC in the future. Also wasn't too interested in the new Mii suits. I don't own any of the amiibos casted to support the next suit wave and wasn't planning on any of them except maybe Toad and Bowser. Also...200cc? Madness! Like I finally conquer Mirror mode and 150cc for the first time on any Mario Kart game...and I get 200cc? Ugh, hopefully it only makes you faster because if there's more bombardment on blue shells and lightning strikes...ugh!! Still will be much fun and more reason to keep going back to Mario Kart 8.

Splatoon! Oh my I can't wait for Splatoon. I just pre-ordered it on Amazon and I plan on getting the boy amiibo but I might push myself to get the bundle one because I kind of want the inkling one too and if there's extra missions in each of them then the girl one would be worth getting to but if I only play as my avatar (which will be male obviously) I only see it worth getting the boy one, so I'll still have to decide. But I definitely loved seeing the modes presented so far and will look forward to May 29, the day after my commencement ceremony at my Community College. Yep, I'll be done with that soon enough! 

Other games: Mario Maker coming out in September had me bummed a bit. I was hoping it would have been in the first half but I guess I can look forward to September. Just, the summer months seem skipped a bit now. Also, Yoshi Wooly World even more ambiguous with being released in "Fall 2015". Well, on the bright side I can see is this will make e3 awesome seeing as more games will be announced and some get released in the winter time so looking forward to this year! 
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Top 10 Worst Tv Show Episodes Meme by raidpirate52
Top 10 Worst Tv Show Episodes Meme
Other than "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining" this list isn't really presented in order. But going from right to left from bottom to top, let's begin. 

Mime for a Change (Power Puff Girls) - Wow. What a cheap ending. So the clown clearly had no control over his actions and he reforms and even if you want to make a case he still has to pay for his alter ego crimes, it doesn't excuse the girls beating him up. That was the least heroic thing I seen them do outside "Equal Fights" where in that case they were called out on it. This one? Not sure if the writer thought it was funny, but it wasn't. 

Friends to the End (Pokemon) - What a waste! We go through 80 episodes (yes, I'm aware later leagues take longer) but this was the first and at least later Ash puts on a good fight. This one, 2 of his 3 Pokemon doesn't make sense. Squirtle sleeping = Unable to battle? BS! Charizard refuses to battle = DQ???? Worst ref ever! If I were Ash I would have rampaged the league into getting a new match Officer Jenny (all of them) would've probably had to escort me out. That was pitiful. 

The Kindergarten Derby (Recess) If you wanted a moral where you shouldn't have people do something just because you were put up to it, this was done horribly. Not only was Mikey the only one who had a complaint, everyone somehow signed on to it. Clearly everyone enjoyed it, even Mikey turned around at the end and then out of the blue, his kid took his story he told him in the middle to change it all? Oh...I wish I could tell teachers "I don't like tests. And if you didn't, why are you making me?" Yeah...that doesn't go well. 

Fairly Odd Pet (Fairly Odd Parents) So with Fairly Odd Parents rather already in the grave after Fairly Odd Baby, this episode represents the nails nailed down on the coffin. I hate Sparky, everything about it. It's ugly, it's voice is an assault on my ears. I mean, I'm not a dog lover in any stretch of the word, but I'm usually able to give them a chance for a fictional character. This one just sucks in every way. I mean...could you even imagine an uglier one? 

Not All Dogs Go to Heaven (Family Guy) I'm not religious, but this episode is why I don't watch Family Guy anymore. Family Guy makes anyone who has any religious hold into a raging moron and that atheists are some poor discriminated bunch while unintentionally making atheists look like the biggest pretentious douchebags you can be. I hate this episode. Rhetorics are not facts. 

New Bully on the Block (Hey Arnold) I think it was Ludwig, pretty sure it was Ludwig...the douchebag actually punches Helga. Wtf? Also the bullies get away with everything in the end. Not a good way to end an episode of something like Hey Arnold. If the bullies were likeable then maybe. But Ludwig and Wolfgang aren't, so. This episode sucks. 

The Last Voyage (Ninjago) Imagine recommending that show and telling them not to worry that the characters are legos or that it's a show on Cartoon Network. Imagine this episode potentially being the first one they watch. And now they think you're crazy for praising this show. Ugh. This episode made Jay into a joke. Jay's my 2nd favorite character and it's impossible to take him seriously ever again after this. The same underwear joke what? 4 times? It wouldn't be until season 4 until Jay could recover. I blame this episode. Screw it. Also Zane's creator should've stayed dead! He didn't do anything coming back and it made an emotional scene pointless. 

Girls Night Out (Danny Phantom) All of season 3 should be considered on this list. The writing and the pace was that of Fairly Odd Parents. Ugh...okay, Hartman I get it. The only way you can have the girls shine is if you make every male character dumber than rocks with no redeeming quality. Also, Spectra has been awesome in every appearance until this one. Don't get me started on Ember and Skulker supposedly seeing each other. This episode was just stupid. It had a bit of grace with Danny bonding with Jack, but that was the B plot. For the most of the 22 minutes, it was crap. 

A Pal for Gary (Spongebob). You know why, this comes to shock no one...moving on. 

I should have Never Gone Ziplining (South Park) Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! The worst. The worst of the worst. The worst I have ever seen. The worst I ever sat through. This is the WORST. Okay, when I first heard of this episode, read the synopsis on the Monday it was released I was actually rather excited. It sounded like it could have been a good ManBearPig like episode...but NO!!! Instead I had to sit through mostly narration, STOCK scenes and stupid as shit live action (figurative AND literally). I never been so disgruntled with an episode ever. I vowed to never watch it again. When I rewatched the series when the last season premier was going to air, I skipped this one. This was the only one I skipped.  
Pirate Cats
Episode 3: The Banana Hoard

“Thanks for letting me back in to your castle, Tetra,” Link smiled as he was seated next to the ruler of Hyrule.

“Yeah, well you’re lucky I get bored.” Tetra huffed, resting her elbow on the arm of the throne and resting her head on her fist.

“Aw, come on. Admit it, you missed me,” Link teased.

“No, I truly didn’t. Me letting you back in here has nothing to do with me missing you.” Tetra replied, turning away from Link. That’s when the rest of the Pirate Cats walked in.

“Link, let’s go. We want to put the Pokémon failure behind us quickly, so we’re going somewhere else,” Youngblood said.

“Yeah, if I failed on what should’ve been the easiest mission ever, I’d want to quickly forget about it too,” Tetra replied sarcastically.

“Hey! That Pikachu was no ordinary Pikachu,” Meowth complained. Tetra rolled her eyes. Link got out of his chair and walked with the others back out of the throne room and towards the portal room.

“Oh, and we were wondering, how do you make it so that when we do go into a different dimension, we don’t end up in the middle of nowhere?” Clyde asked.

“Turn the key before you press the switch,” Tetra answered. “What did you think that was there for?”

“You know, it was never brought up until now,” Meelo answered.

“We’ll bring you back something good. We promise,” Link said before walking out of the room.

“I won’t hold my breath,” Tetra mumbled when they were out of hearing distance.

At the portal room they decided to go somewhere random and figure out what to do when they got there. They ended up in a jungle.

“Of all the places to go,” Meowth complained of the humidity.

“I thought you turned the key before we set out here, this is just another middle of nowhere place,” Clyde moaned.

“I thought Youngblood did,” Meelo whined.

“You’re all a bunch of wimps,” Brendan chuckled. Being from Hoenn, the most tropical of the Pokémon regions, he was more used to this climate.

“Wait a minute, I don’t think we’re stranded,” Youngblood pointed up to a tree house. “Look.” The initials had the initials “DK” written on it.

“Ah, we’re in Donkey Kong’s world,” Link commented. “I don’t know if I want to be here. Diddy and I are pretty good friends in the Smash world.”

“Quit being a baby,” Youngblood grumbled. “Don’t forget whose side you’re on now.”

Link’s stomach growled, and then Meowth’s did too.

“This reminds me we never did get a chance to eat yesterday!” Link moaned, rubbing his empty stomach.

“What I would do for a nice and juicy buffet,” Meowth complained.

Suddenly a popping sound was made from Brendan’s pocket and appeared Wobbuffet.

“Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet saluted to everyone.

Brendan groaned. “Ugh! He said buffet, not ‘buffet! Now get back in your Pokéball!” Brendan returned Wobbuffet back inside his Pokéball.

“Wobbuffet,” Wobbuffet said as he was glowing red and put back in his Pokéball.

“Someday I’m going to find a way to get rid of this thing.” Brendan grumbled. He placed the Pokéball back into his pocket.

“Well there’s plenty of bananas in here,” Clyde pointed to the opening underground banana bunker Donkey Kong kept underneath his tree house. There seemed to be well over 1000 bananas!

As their eyes lit up from amazement the Pirate Cats started to dig in. It wasn’t long until they felt full.

“Wow, and I only had two bananas,” Link laid down.

“And I only needed one,” Meowth replied.

“Are these bananas magical or something?” Meelo looked at one of his half-eaten bananas before tossing it out.

“Well these are from Donkey Kong’s world. They would be special I’m sure,” Brendan added, sitting on the ground amongst the rest as they were all full.

“Hey! I know!” Meowth sprung up, “What if we give the banana hoard to Tetra?”

“Come again?” Clyde turned to Meowth, not believing what he just heard.

“First it was golden ninja weapons, then a Pikachu and now you think Tetra would really want a hoard of bananas? Details please,” Link asked the feline Pokémon. There didn’t seem to be any warrant for bananas in Hyrule and Link can’t think of a scenario of how.

Luckily for them, Meowth will lay out the details.

“Just imagine Tetra waking up one morning. She’s really hungry and so is everyone else in Hyrule. The breakfast they’re all having doesn’t do it for them. ‘Grr! This cereal isn’t filling me up at all!’ So that’s when she remembers the special bananas. She’ll only need one banana to fill her up to feel all nourished and she gives out some of the other bananas to the rest of the citizens. They’ll love her for helping them with her hunger that then she’ll say, ‘For getting me through this breakfast dilemma I say I better start treating Meowth and his friends as the best pirates’.”

“Ahh!” The rest of the Pirate Cats awed.

“We’ll be the best pirates in all of Hyrule!” Youngblood smiled.

“And maybe even some upgrades in our arsenal as well,” Clyde added.

“So long as we split the reward,” Meowth joked.  

Brendan pointed everyone out to some of the mine carts behind a wall of bananas.

“Look, guys, over there. We can load the bananas in there,” the Pokémon trainer explained.

“And once we do that,” Youngblood cut in, “It will be smooth sailing back to the ship and home free.”

“We’ll just have to do it before the big ape comes home,” Link replied.

Loading the bananas didn’t come with any interference. There were three mine carts under the tree house so once the boys were done loading up the carts, they each paired up in the carts to steer it back to the ship. Youngblood sat up in front of the first cart with Brendan in the back, Meelo was in front of the middle one with Clyde sitting back, and Link was in front of the most back one with Meowth sitting behind.

“Alright!” Youngblood shouted. “Let’s move out!”

The carts left the bunker and out on to the island and they started taking the carts filled with bananas back towards the ship. At this time, Donkey Kong and Diddy were at Cranky’s discussing how to keep King K Rool from getting his scaley hands on the Crystal Coconut.

“Be on the lookout for King K Rool, he’ll be coming out here any day now trying to get the Crystal Coconut,” Cranky said. Diddy and Donkey Kong were on the ledge of porch looking bored.

Suddenly the carts carrying the banana hoard went by and Diddy took notice.

“DK! The bananas!” The smaller monkey tapped his big buddy on the shoulder.

Donkey Kong growled and beat his chest with his palms and Diddy jumped up into the air with his jetpack. They both rushed out to stop the thieves. Since Donkey Kong would be chasing after them on foot, it will take him a while to get there, but Diddy was closing down on them fast.

While the cart was going down the tracks, a female chimpanzee saw the carts filled with bananas pass her by. She knew that Donkey Kong would be furious seeing a group of pirates stealing the bananas from under his tree house. Using her hair to levitate, she flew over to a part of the track that would intercept the carts. Just in time as Diddy arrived on his jetpack.

“Hold it right there!” Diddy shouted at the lead cart. Youngblood stopped the cart that was in front, followed by the two in the back. Youngblood glared at the duo.

“Hey! Get off the track! We got important bananas to deliver,” the ghost shouted.

“Those bananas aren’t yours, you thieves!” Dixie Kong yelled back. That’s when Diddy noticed Link, to him known as Toon Link in the front of the back cart.

“Toon Link? What are you doing here? Helping them?” Diddy frowned.  He and the Wind Waker hero would team up on occasions in the Smash world. “I can’t believe you would take stuff from us.”

“Diddy, I’m sorry! I don’t want to bring harm to you guys, but I’m on a new team now and,” Link was trying to tell his side but Brendan cut him off.

“Pirates can’t be getting sappy,” Brendan took out a Pokéball. “Wingull, wind attack now!” Wingull flew over the banana hoard before flying back down to attack Diddy and Dixie. Diddy Kong took out his peanut popgun and shot the seagull Pokémon and the peanut exploded upon impact, resulting in a knockout.

“Wingull!” Brendan cried. “Ugh, that was a lucky shot,” he returned his Pokémon and took out another Pokéball. “Go Zigzagoon!” This time he let out his raccoon Pokémon. Zigzagoon puffed out his fluffy chest in pride.

“Zigzagoon,” the raccoon Pokémon said.

“Use tackle attack to get these monkeys out of the way.”

“Zigzagoon,” Zigzagoon said and ran in a zigzag pattern to avoid Diddy’s exploding peanuts but Dixie chewed bubblegum and stuck it to the track and Zigzagoon got stuck on them. Brendan again returned his Pokémon.

“This isn’t working! We have to try something else!” Meowth shouted.

“Will you just blow them away already?” Link asked Meelo, who got out of the cart and with airbending, pushed the Kong couple off the tracks and Youngblood immediately started moving it again and they started to get away again.

“Ta ta, losers!” Youngblood grinned back at the Kongs. “Huh?” He was surprised somehow though that the two were following him closely behind. Diddy Kong was on his jetpack and Dixie was using her hair to fly after them. “Can’t these carts go any faster?” The captain asked.

“How should I know? I’m not from around here!” Brendan yelled back.

Dixie used her bubblegum gun and shot a piece of gum in front of the head cart and the cart stumbled getting stuck to the gum and the other two carts crashed behind it.

The Pirate Cats laid out in front of the carts and the bananas were all on the ground. Thanks to video game physics, they were not smushed. The boys tried frantically to get them back in the carts.

“Ahh, get them back in!” Meowth shrieked while picking up a few and placed them in a pile. Followed by Meelo and Clyde making up a pile.

“You might as well save it. We got you surrounded,” Dixie announces. Diddy Kong aims his peanut popgun at them. Meelo just laughed.

“Ha. You’re really going to shoot us with peanuts?” The airbender taunted. “Come on, shoot me one.”

Diddy Kong fired a peanut at Meelo and it hit him on the side of his neck.

“Ow!” Meelo cried, rubbing his neck. “Jeez. That actually-that actually stings. Ahh.”

Clyde took out his slingshot and fired an exploding pellet and fired at Diddy, which knocked the male monkey back. Dixie got enraged.

“How dare you attack Diddy like that!” Using her hair to float above the ground she flew in close to Clyde and swung her hair into the South Park member’s face and knocked him down. Link snuck up behind her and drew his sword out and was ready to strike the blonde Kong, but he stalled and couldn’t bring it to himself to hurt Dixie.

“I. I can’t,” Link bowed his head.

Meowth jumped in and tried to use his fury swipes on Dixie but she jumped back in time to avoid the attack. The feline turned to the Hyrule warrior with displeasure.

“You got to attack!” Meowth yelled. At that time Diddy Kong rejoined the fight by launching himself onto Meowth’s face and forced him into the ground. Youngblood went in to try and get Diddy Kong off the cat member.

“No you don’t,” Dixie swung her hair again, and like she did against Clyde, slapped Youngblood with her hair. Knocking him back, but not down. The captain was stunned at what happened.

“Are you attacking me with your hair? Who does that?” The ghost boy asked, bewildered.

“I do,” Dixie remarked and swung her hair again, hitting him again. And then again. While Youngblood prepared himself for the next swing, Dixie spun the opposite way and smacked Youngblood across the other cheek and he fell down. Dixie giggled and Diddy knocked out Link with a cartwheel meeting with Dixie, giving her a thumbs up and they high fived.

“Fist pistol!” Meelo shouted from afar and dove in using his airbending to give him a boost and slammed his fist between the two Kongs, which knocked the couple back. They looked back at the airbender fiercely. Suddenly a loud thump came thundering in. Donkey Kong has arrived!

“A big ape? Let me handle this. This is something I was looking forward to,” Brendan smirked and held up a Pokéball. “Alright, Vigoroth, it’s your time to shine! Let’s go!” The trainer released his strongest Pokémon to the battle.

“Vigoroth!” The Vigoroth leaped into the scene and was ready to go, waving its arms back and forth.

“Vigoroth, use scratch attack on the big ape!” Brendan hollered to his Pokémon.

“Vigor-“ Vigortoh roared prepared to strike Donkey Kong when suddenly Donkey Kong powered up an attack of his own.

“Banana! Slamma!” Donkey Kong punched the Vigoroth across the face with a powerful punch and it knocked out Vigoroth in just one hit. The white furred monkey had spirals around its eyes and laid out motionless, saying its name once to show that it was just knocked out and not completely harmed.

“Whaaaat? What?! What?! What?! Noooo!” Brendan yelled, returning his Pokémon while his face turned red with anger. “How dare you, you stupid hairy fat ape!” He huffed out a breath.

“Air canon!” Meelo yelled from behind Brendan and jumped with his Airbending and hurled into Donkey Kong like a cannonball trying to catch the big ape by surprise. Donkey Kong was so muscular, however, and the small airbender just bounced right off him with no damage to DK.

Donkey Kong wasn’t amused and pushed Meelo effortlessly back towards the other Pirate Cats. Everyone but Brendan was laying around the ground in a daze.

“This isn’t over! I got a pocket full of Pokémon ready to teach you smelly monkeys who’s boss. We’re not gonna lose to” Brendan was interrupted by Diddy Kong shoving a banana in his mouth from behind. Brendan was left to violently mumbling nonsense that no one could make out. A popping noise was heard.

“Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet popped out of his Pokéball again and saluted behind his trainer.

“Okay, I’ve had enough of them,” Donkey Kong announced. “Time to send these pirates back to where they came from.” The big ape charged at them, and as he did with Vigoroth charged up a super punch that sent them all sky high.

“This was a disaster from the beginning,” Youngblood whined.

“Perhaps next time we plan our heists more effectively,” Link added.

“Well next time maybe we ought to look for someone else’s forbidden fruit,” Meowth sighed.

Brendan yelled something that no one could make out due to the fact the banana was still blocking out all of his words.

“We’re shooting off again!” The boys, minus Brendan, shouted loudly.

“Wobbuh!!” Wobbuffet added.

They flew so far a * twinkled in the sky.

The Kongs on the ground cheered, Diddy and Dixie gave Donkey Kong a pat on the back.

“We did it!” Diddy chirped.

“We showed those rotten thieves never to mess with the Kongs,” Dixie added happily. Donkey Kong went over to the carts and tipped them upright and they all started cleaning up the banana pile to take back to the hoard.

“No matter it be kremling, tiki tribe, snowmad or human. No one messes with the Kongs or our delicious, juicy bananas,” Donkey Kong said as he took one banana off the cart and swallowed one whole. Diddy and Dixie both ate one banana each.

“At least we didn’t have to go through eight different environments like usual. By the way, where do you think they went off to?” Diddy asked.

At around sunset time, the Pirate Cats were hanging on a large branch at an edge of a cliff hanging over a large waterfall. Link was hanging on a branch while the rest were slumped over the trunk.

“How are we supposed to get out of here?” Clyde whined.

They had been stuck there for hours. Suddenly a popping noise.

“Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet appeared, much to everyone’s annoyance.

“I thought I told you to stay in your Pokéball! This is too much weight!” Brendan yelled. Instantly, the branch snapped and they were all on their way down coming to a crash in the water below.
Pirate Cats: The Banana Hoard
Another, bizarre attempt at pleasing Tetra has failed. What's in store for them next? Stay tuned. Perhaps in the future Diddy and Link will team up and do something good? 

Youngblood: Danny Phantom
Link and Tetra: Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
Meowth and Brendan: Pokemon
Clyde: South Park
Meelo: Korra
Donkey Kong Country: Nintendo

Do you use Legendaries in Pokemon Battles? 

3 deviants said Yes
No deviants said No


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