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So Mewtwo is going to be released April 15 since I got both the 3DS and Wii U version of the game. That's still a ways away though, but it coincides with the first night of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Also some of the DLC Mii costumes look cool. I'm planning on getting the Smash shirts, Cat/Monkey hats/shirts and Majoras Mask. I just wish you didn't have to pay for them. That's seriously not cool. Even if it's 100% optional. 

Oh and I'm excited for Lucas in this game to release in June. But also for the vote for smashers ballot I put in one for Dixie Kong and Tetra. Not counting on either one to get in but man would it be awesome! 

Then...April 23 is Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing DLC!! I love the changing seasons in the Animal Crossing track, but I was hoping you could choose which season at a time. Also kind of wish the villager would be the same villager from the Smash Bros game but that's being picky. I need my Diddy Kong! I hope there's more DLC in the future. Also wasn't too interested in the new Mii suits. I don't own any of the amiibos casted to support the next suit wave and wasn't planning on any of them except maybe Toad and Bowser. Also...200cc? Madness! Like I finally conquer Mirror mode and 150cc for the first time on any Mario Kart game...and I get 200cc? Ugh, hopefully it only makes you faster because if there's more bombardment on blue shells and lightning strikes...ugh!! Still will be much fun and more reason to keep going back to Mario Kart 8.

Splatoon! Oh my I can't wait for Splatoon. I just pre-ordered it on Amazon and I plan on getting the boy amiibo but I might push myself to get the bundle one because I kind of want the inkling one too and if there's extra missions in each of them then the girl one would be worth getting to but if I only play as my avatar (which will be male obviously) I only see it worth getting the boy one, so I'll still have to decide. But I definitely loved seeing the modes presented so far and will look forward to May 29, the day after my commencement ceremony at my Community College. Yep, I'll be done with that soon enough! 

Other games: Mario Maker coming out in September had me bummed a bit. I was hoping it would have been in the first half but I guess I can look forward to September. Just, the summer months seem skipped a bit now. Also, Yoshi Wooly World even more ambiguous with being released in "Fall 2015". Well, on the bright side I can see is this will make e3 awesome seeing as more games will be announced and some get released in the winter time so looking forward to this year! 
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Top 10 Most Overrated Characters Meme by raidpirate52
Top 10 Most Overrated Characters Meme
Disclaimer: Claiming the character "overrated" does not mean I hate said character. 

10: Lucario (Pokemon/Smash Bros)
Do I Like Them?: Neutral.
This Pokemon stars in movies, was used times in the anime more on average than other Pokemon not on Ash's or his travel companion's teams, and got on the roster in the last two Smash Bros games and they aren't a legendary Pokemon. Quite unbelievable a Pokemon gets that much attention. This seems to be more of a meta example than a fanbase one since I don't see it having much of a fanbase, which makes it even that much more overrated that it still got THAT much attention to it. 

9: Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Do I Like Him?: A bit. 
He has a lot fans, lets be real, in the female demographic because he acts emo. Anyone who spends time on sites like this know that there's a fandom for that. What puts him into overrated territory for me is that, his "emo looks" are what drives a lot of fans to like about his character where his character should be celebrated on his crossroad conflicts, his relationship with his uncle and his ultimate heel-face turn. To basically back this up, how many Book 1 fanart of Zuko are there compared to Book 3 Zuko? Right, because Zuko back then was a bald ponytail guy. He wasn't that liked back then even though this was when his backstory and character arc were pretty much in line and formed from here. Also the Blue Spirit episode is practically what I liked most about Zuko. Don't get me started on the NON-EXISTENT Zutarra crap. 

8: Dark Danny (Danny Phantom) 
Do I Like Him: No. 
He had a ton of build up, is called the "Ultimate" Enemy (Yeah, I get it, Danny is facing himself, but it was still underwhelming). Now while I think in terms of the fanbase, Vlad is more overrated but for someone being called the "Ultimate Enemy", voiced by Eric Roberts, the main big bad in the shows iconic mini-movie, I felt I had to give the nod here. Eric Roberts is a good actor, but I just didn't see him fit this role. He can play a great villain but I see this character as a genocidal maniac, Eric Roberts sounds more like the manipulative type. He just doesn't bring it for me. Also, couldn't they have made a 20 years into the future instead of 10? Dark Danny is supposed to be 24, but no 24 year old thinks that way. And I demand realism in my cartoons, dammit! But no seriously, 10 more years wouldn't have changed anything but make it a little more believable. 

7: Tadashi (Big Hero 6)
Do I Like Him: Well...I don't dislike him. 
He loves his brother and he made Baymax so obviously a fanbase isn't unwarranted, but a character who dies 20 minutes into the movie and has more attention than the actual protagonist? You can't really call him underrated at this point. Also, of how some describe this movie. I see some people refer to this movie, directly because of Tadashi so not to sound like I'm getting too off track here, that this movie is "Frozen for brothers instead of sisters"...again Tadashi DIED in the FIRST QUARTER of the movie! Don't be calling this a siblings movie with the genders reversed. But anyway, he seems so universally loved but I just can't bring myself to "love" a character who starts a lot of the conflict by running into a building clearly engulfed in fire that not even a firefighter would think is safe to go in. Some like him for this because it shows how caring and selfless he is, but I'm sorry I think it was a bit selfish because again, no way in hell would anyone survive in there (nano-bot less mind you) and again, you caused the main problem of the movie to start! Shame on you!

6: Rosalina (Super Mario Bros)
Do I Like Her: Most definitely. 
I like her, but some of her appearances could have been given to other characters. I don't mind her being in Smash Bros but come on, Daisy could have been in 3D World. Or both? She also got an amiibo board in Mario Party 10 and not Daisy and a baby character of her in Mario Kart 8 instead of Birdo or Diddy Kong being in the game. I mean, it's alright somewhat because Pink Gold Peach and Cat Peach are also ruined character slots but at least they're rightfully bashed. I love the Mario Galaxy games and I loved going in on her story time scenes. So, don't get me wrong, I love Rosalina, but her presence make some forget about the other greats. 

5: Mako (Korra)
Do I Like Him: *Groans* Not really. 
He's sort of on the same boat as Zuko. Large fanbase because of his looks and to latch on for Korra for the failure of the Zutara shippings. This guy had such a boring personality I can't fathom how anyone found this guy interesting. He was always so stiff and then he cheated on Asami and Korra. Don't give me the "he broke up with Asami"...we all know he didn't. Handwaving it in "Remembrances" doesn't fool me. He got better in book 3 and book 4 but then of course in the finale he had to steal the spotlight again from Bolin. 

4: Asami (Korra)
Do I Like Her: Neutral, but more positive. 
I just never felt like I was ever given a reason to like her. Because her dad was an equalist? What if I was cheering for the Equalists? Sort of like Tadashi where everyone assumes this character must be universally loved, it's going to push me the wrong way and feel she's overrated. I don't think she really brought anything and it wasn't clear where her character was supposed to go. Did Asami have any flaws? She has no business experience and yet somehow took over her father's business and compelled at it.

3: Eric Cartman (South Park) 
A finalist in the South Park fan poll. This character is EVERY negative trait you can put in a character. He's manipulative, sociopathic, anti-semitic, racist, sexist, gluttonous, selfish, disrespectful, so on and so does he have a fanbase? If you can't possibly be friends with someone like a character like this, how can you LIKE a character like this? It makes no sense. 

2: Elsa (Frozen)
Do I Like Her: Not really anymore. 
I didn't really mind her before but now I kind of gotten sick of her. I don't think Idina Menzel is that great a singer, Elsa is supposed to be 20 or something yet she sounds like she's 45. I think "Let it Go" is VERY overrated. Hell, even the first time I watched the movie I didn't think it was that great a song. I thought "First Time in Forever" and "Love is an Open Door" were better. Also it seems she's the most popular character in the movie to fans. Sorry, Anna, the real hero of the movie, but you've just been "Daisy'd". 

1: Randy Marsh (South Park)
Do I Like Him: No! No! No! No! No! No! 
Okay, before I go off, I WILL admit this...there ARE sometimes where he's hilarious. Like "The Losing Edge" and the one time he played Guitar Hero...but most of the time, ESPECIALLY in the newer seasons...ugh, get off my screen already. You do the SAME thing all the time. Make an idiot of yourself, make things worse and then get off free. Ugh. Also no your "cock magic" was not funny. 
Pirate Cats
Episode 2: Old Enemies, New Tricks

Link walked into Tetra’s throne room a day removed from the Pirate Cats last adventure. He knew that Tetra had something she wanted of them to do.

“There you are,” Tetra said, displeased she was waiting forever for the boy to show up. “Slept in again? Ugh, even on a new team, some things never change.” Link yawned. “Here,” she tossed a purple ball object with the letter M in the middle at Link, who caught in his hands.

“Dun! Dun! Dun! Duuuuun!” Link sang while holding the Master Ball over his head.

“Stop that!” Tetra reprimanded. “I want you to give it to that Pokémon boy since he likely knows how to use it. From what I hear it can capture any Pokémon. Including the strongest ones without even having to fight it. I trust your team to this mission. Get me one of the strongest Pokémon. Like the ones used in the Smash world. I was only able to get my hands on one. So you guys better make it count.”

Link nodded and headed out of the throne room and met up with his crewmates. He handed Brendan the ball Tetra gave to him.

“Woah, could this be?” Brendan took a closer look at it. “It is! A Master Ball. How did Tetra get this? They’re extremely rare.”

“I don’t know,” Link shrugged. “She said something about not having to fight a Pokémon to use it.”

“What does the Master Ball do?” Clyde asked, leaning in on the object Brendan was holding out.

“Pretty much what Link just said. Normally you fight a Pokémon until it’s weakened and you throw a Pokéball at it. Well, a Master Ball lets you skip all that and you’re guaranteed to catch the Pokémon, so long it hits target. We can only use it once though, so we got to make it good.” Brendan explained.

“So what Pokémon do we use it on then?” Meelo asked.

“It’s got to be good. A legendary or something. I wouldn’t think Tetra would be meaning anything else,” Link answered.

“There are plenty of those to choose from and not one wrong!” Meowth smiled.

“Well, I guess its obvious then on what we got to do,” Youngblood said. “We’re going to the Pokémon world.”

“Yay!” They all cheer.

“Thankfully Tetra gave us this notebook on the known cracked codes known so far to help us. Okay, here we are for the Pokémon World,” Youngblood crunched the numbers in and the Pirate Cats were off to the Pokémon World.

When they got there they were stranded somewhere in a wooded area, not even Brendan knew where they were.

“Okay, next thing we got to tell Tetra, how we figure out how to land somewhere civilized!” Clyde groaned. “I’m tired of walking around.”

“Well, on the bright side, I can tell we’re in my home region of Hoenn,” Brendan tried to cheer everyone up. “Meaning that there’s plenty of legendary Pokémon we can get. There’s Latios or Latias, Groudon, Kyogre, Deoxys,” Brendan listed.

“Brendan, you’re talking as if any of us have any clue what you’re talking about,” Meelo moaned. He too was tired of walking what felt like the middle of nowhere.

“Or maybe we head back and find Kanto and get something like an Articuno or a Zapdos?” Meowth suggested.

Link’s stomach growled.

“I for one don’t care if we capture a Groudore or a Zapduno or whatever they’re called. The only thing I want to catch is a bite to eat.” The others nodded sluggishly. They had been wandering for hours and only came across pedestrian Pokémon like Wurmple or Shroomish. Pokémon that Tetra would certainly never want.

“Hey, you guys smell that?” Meelo asked, he ran towards the scent with everyone else following. They looked inside the bushes and saw that a group of friends were setting up for lunch. The group was recognized by Meowth and Brendan.

“I don’t believe it. It’s the twerps…did we go back in time?” Meowth wondered. “This is when they were in Hoenn. And I was still on Team Rocket then.”

“Yeah, and that’s May with a Wurmple, but she has a Beautifly.” Brendan scratched his head.

“Well, the dimensional portals also generate a random time sequence as well,” Link commented. The others looked at him, confused. “I don’t know. I didn’t invent the thing. It was some guy from Mario’s world.”

“My soup is almost ready,” Brock announced to his friends. “Time for lunch!”

“Okay, guys! Come on out!” Ash shouted and out came his Pokémon. They were: Treecko and Tailow and of course his Pikachu. Brock had a Forretress and a Lotad. May had a Torchic and a Wurmple.

They all began eating Brock’s soup and insisted that it was the best soup they ever had.

“Brock it’s so good having you on our team. I never had a soup taste so good,” May complimented.

“Yeah, it really rivals the same exact soup we had yesterday for lunch,” Max added while taking a bite. Ash meanwhile was stuffing his face real fast and lifted up his finished bowl.

“I’ll take seconds!” Ash shouted.

Meanwhile, the Pirate Cats backed away from the bush and Meowth developed an idea.

“Guys, why don’t we save our legend hunt for another day and bring Tetra that twerp’s Pikachu?” Meowth suggested. “With a new team, I’m sure that Pikachu can finally be caught.”

“Why would Tetra want a Pikachu?” Link asked.

Meowth began with his imaginative plan to satisfy Tetra.

“Just imagine Tetra waking up one morning and suddenly find out that Hyrule is in the middle of an energy crisis. ‘Oh, no, an energy crisis. What shall I do? I know, I’ll use that Pikachu.’ She uses Pikachu to create enough energy to fill all throughout Hyrule. Remembering who gave her the Pikachu for this solution she’ll say, ‘For this Pikachu to help me through this crisis, I declare Meowth and his friends get several promotional benefits and are the best pirate team ever.’” Meowth finished his imaginative thought. The others bought into it.

“Promotional benefits! I like it!” Brendan cheered.

“And be the number one pirate crew in Hyrule,” Youngblood grinned. “Let’s get that Pikachu!”

Ash and his friends have packed up their dishes and were ready to move on to their daily adventure. They were quickly ambushed by the group of six.

“Meowth?” Ash looked at the feline confused that he wasn’t with his usual teammates of Jessie and James.

“Brendan?” May shared Ash’s confusion seeing her old friend from Petalburg. “What are you doing here? Last time we saw you, I thought you were going to get help with your anger management after…a Pokémon contest? Wait. How do I know that?” The girl blinked in confusion.

“What’s going on here?” Max asked, just as confused as his sister.

Brendan shared their confused look. He knew that happened but May shouldn’t. They were at a time before that happened, which he knew from earlier, but now everyone involved remembers it?

“Uh, how did you, how are we? Link! Explain!” Brendan shouted.

“I don’t know,” Link shrugged. “This just doesn’t make any sense.”

“What did you do at a Pokémon contest?” Clyde asked.

“Who cares?! Let’s just get Pikachu!” Meowth yelled for his team to get focused.

“Right,” Youngblood nodded. “Brendan, we can give you an origin episode some other time but right now we need to focus on capturing that Pikachu.”

“Pika! Pika!” Pikachu glared at the boys and his cheeks sparked.

“Well whatever is going on here, I guess some things never change, do they Meowth?” Ash snarled.

“Zigzagoon, come on out,” Brendan threw a Pokéball unveiling his Zigzagoon. “Zigzagoon, use sandstorm now!”

“Zigzagoon!” Zigzagoon moved around the field and brushed up a lot of sand that blew towards Ash and his friends. Meelo jumped in and used his airbending to blow the sand around them, causing them to cough.

“I can’t see!” Ash whined as the sandstorm picked up. “Tailow! Use gust to blow the sand away.” Tailow did as he was ordered and the sand was blown away. “So, it’s a Pokémon battle you want?”

Meelo used his airbending to send a strike at Tailow, which blasted the bird down to the ground.

“That kid can do a gust attack?” Max asked completely dumbfounded.

“I didn’t know humans were Pokémon,” May stuttered.

“I don’t think he’s a Pokémon. Ash, I think we’re dealing with characters from different dimensions!” Brock commented.

“What makes you think they’re inter-dimensional?” Ash asked back.

“That would explain how we know Brendan’s events even though at this time it didn’t happen yet…and it also explains how that green haired kid is floating. I have a feeling we’re going to have our Johto and Kanto selves come across these guys knowing exactly who they are, even though we’re just meeting them as a team now. Their dimensional traveling vibe must give out some kind of broken continuity.” Brock analyzed.

Youngblood then turned intangible and re-appeared in front of Pikachu, picking the rodent Pokémon up. Of course, Pikachu tried to electrocute the ghost but Youngblood simply turned intangible to allow the electricity to pass him with no harm.

“Looks like I got Pikachu!” Youngblood cheered as he started making his way back to the others.

“Hold it!” Ash leapt at Youngblood but the captain simply again turned intangible and re-appeared amongst his friends and started mocking Ash. Zigzagoon was returned by Brendan as the mission looked to be accomplished.

“You thought you could take me down? I’m a ghost. You can’t touch me. Especially not if you’re going to tell me that you’re coming.” Youngblood taunted. Meowth wanted to do the worst of it, seeing this as a special retribution.

“Wow. Pikachu really is ours! I never thought this day would come. You twerps are the losers from now on!” Meowth smirked at Ash and his friends.

“And just to make sure that you don’t come after us again,” Link held a bomb over his head he had kept in his bag and threw it at the twerps and they all looked down and out.

The Pirate Cats started to walk back into the woods to their ship with Pikachu being carried carefully by Youngblood. Meowth suddenly got an idea in his head.

“Hey, guys. Look these twerps had been giving it to me for years. How about we take all of their Pokémon?” Meowth suggested. The boys looked at each other and grinned in agreement.

“Why not?” Youngblood approved of the new mission and they turned around to head back for the other Pokémon. They were confident that they couldn’t be stopped as they had just curbstomped Ash and his friends.  

“We’ll be taking the other Pokémon as well,” Clyde said to the injured group. He shot a net over the trainers and Max, which anchored into the ground so that they wouldn’t be able to get up to stop them or reach for their Pokéballs to recall them.

“No you won’t!” Ash shouted. “Quick attack Tailow!” Tailow dove in to try and attack the Pirate Cats but Meelo once again stepped up with his airbending to knock down the bird.

“I’ll handle this bird, you guys get the others,” Meelo said as he shot another blast of wind to Tailow.

“Forretress, use explosion!” Brock called out to his Pokémon that was about to be abducted by Link. What Brock didn’t count on was for Link to take his shield out and was protected by the attack and an attack like explosion caused Forretress to be knocked out, making it an easy capture as Link put it in a net.

“I’ll get the chicken,” Clyde ran to May’s Torchic. The fire chicken Pokémon became startled.

“Torchic!” May cried out to her starter. “Use Ember!” Torchic, half out of fear, shot an Ember right into Clyde’s face, knocking him back.

“Ahhh!” Clyde yelled as he flew back. Link stepped in for him. He wielded his sword and shield at Torchic and backed into a tree. This time, Torchic’s Ember was deflected off Link’s shield and Torchic became too scared to move. Torchic was captured in a net. Link tossed the nets containing a knocked out Forretress and Torchic back towards Youngblood. Meelo then tossed a knocked out Tailow, who he just finished off.

“Now for some fury swipes!” Meowth scratched May’s Wurmple and since it was recently caught, was very weak and the Pokémon fainted. One of the Pokémon remaining was Brock’s Lotad who squirted Meowth from behind with his water gun attack, knocking the cat from Wurmple. Meelo jumped in and used airbending to lift Lotad off the ground and spike him off the ground as if he were a football. Wurmple and Lotad were put into nets. All that remained was Ash’s Treecko.

“Treecko!” Ash’s Treecko glared at the Pirate Cats after they had managed to kidnap everyone’s Pokémon.

“All that’s left is that Treecko, huh? Well there’s only one way to deal with that. Fight grass with grass,” Brendan smirked and took out a Pokéball. “Treecko! Go!”

Brendan released his Treecko.

“Treecko!” Brendan’s Treecko hollered looking ready for a fierce battle, before suddenly turning around to give a hug to his trainer’s leg. “Treecko.” He said affectionately. Brendan tried to shake his starter off him. The others had a sweat drop down the back of their heads as this unfolded. Including the captive Pikachu!  

“Not now Treecko! We got a battle to get to! Use pound attack on that Treecko!” Brendan moaned at his Pokémon’s antics. Treecko bounced off Brendan’s leg and charged for Ash’s Treecko.

“Treecko, dodge and use quick attack!” Ash yelled to his own Treecko. Ash’s Treecko jumped high into the air to avoid Brendan’s Treecko and landed down on him hard, sending the enemy’s Treecko flying.

“Treecko! Quick! Use bullet seed!” Brendan shouted. His Treecko regained composure and shot Ash’s Treecko with a bullet seed.

Ash grumbled. “Hang in there Treecko! Don’t give up.” Ash’s Treecko is perhaps one of the most determined Treecko’s of all time. And even though he was clearly banged up from that Bullet Seed attack he still had the fighting spirit. Ash’s Treecko made a quick dash at Brendan’s Treecko using quick attack to dodge any of the bullet seeds that get shot his way. Jumping up, Ash’s Treecko used a hard pound on Brendan’s Treecko, knocking it away.

“No! Treecko!” Brendan cried out to his Pokémon. Treecko wasn’t knocked out but Meelo insisted on stepping up.

“Let’s speed this up,” the airbender shot a gust of wind at Ash’s Treecko, which allowed Brendan to call back his Treecko not seeing a point in keeping his Pokémon out if Meelo handled it. The gust of wind was dodged by Treecko so Meelo created a whirlwind to lift Treecko up into the air. However, Treecko used this to his advantage and leaped up and with his tail, used a pound attack on Meelo, sending him flying back all the way into a tree.

“You said you had this!” Brendan yelled at his crewmate.

“Come on! Just get that green thing!” Youngblood commanded to everyone. This gave Pikachu an opportunity while the captain was distracted. He wiggled himself a little loose and then bit Youngblood on the arm while he was still tangible. “Ow!” Youngblood dropped Pikachu and the yellow rodent ran back to his trainer and bit through the net, allowing Ash to get free.

“You guys are going to pay for this!” Ash rushed to try and set everyone’s Pokémon free. Clyde stepped in to try and stop him.

“You’re not getting past me!” He slid in front of the charging Ash, whom reached his hand out to smack the South Park native in the face and knock him out of the way. “Oooh,” he whined thumping into the ground.

Ash reached the nets where the Pokémon were being held captive and released everyone. They all ran back to May, Brock and Max who were now free thanks to Pikachu biting his way through their net. Link was busy trying to corral Treecko and Youngblood was trying to tend to his bite wound.

Link tried to slash Treecko with his sword after, but Treecko dodged out of the way, making the Hyrulian take a breath when suddenly the now free Tailow flew down and knocked Link away with a wing attack.

“You guys are going to pay for trying to take our Pokémon,” May yelled out. Brendan glared back at her, his face turning red and making a fist.

“This isn’t over! I still got several Pokémon left that could take on all of you!” Brendan pouted, and reached into his pocket for another Pokéball. Brock wasn’t going to give him the opportunity.

“Lotad! Water gun!” Brock commanded to his Lotad and Lotad struck Brendan with a water gun attack that knocked all the Pirate Cats into one big pile up.

“Torchic, use Ember!” May said to her Torchic and the fire type blasted the Pirate Cats with an ember attack, causing them to yell at the intense heat.

“Why couldn’t you have switched those attacks around?” Meelo moaned.

“Pikachu use thunderbolt!” Ash nodded to his Pikachu whom proceeded to jump in the air.

“Pika…CHUUUU!” Pikachu shocked them with a lightning strike attack which they all shrieked in pain and this time Youngblood didn’t go intangible so he felt the effects too which after a moment caused an explosion in the ground sending the boys into the air.

“Looks like we’re shooting off again!” A * appeared and twinkled in the sky where they flew off to.

Meanwhile, a red-haired teen girl and blue haired teen boy were walking down the path.

“Hmm. Did you hear that James? It sounded like a group shouting out ‘We’re blasting off again’,” Jessie asked her Team Rocket partner, James.

“Nah, it couldn’t be. Remember, we had that copyrighted. I’m quite certain they shouted ‘shooting’ off again. Certainly a good writer would come up with something more original, but it’s still different enough to avoid Team Rocket’s lawyers.” James assured. Jessie nodded and the two moved on with their day.

Back with Ash and his friends they all attended to their Pokémon to make sure that they were alright. May was hugging both Torchic and Wurmple tightly.

“I’m so glad you’re all alright.” May was on the verge of relief tears.

“Torchic. Tor,” Torchic was crying of relief.

“Wurmple.” Wurmple rested on May’s lap.

“Forretress. Lotad, you guys did great,” Brock complimented his Pokémon who nodded in appreciation.

Ash was rubbing both Pikachu and Tailow.

“We really owe it to you, Treecko,” Ash said while Treecko preferred his space and sat on top of a rock with a twig in his mouth.

“Treecko,” Treecko nodded to his trainer.

“My PokéNav says there’s a Pokémon Center just up ahead,” Max told the others.

“Then that’s where we’re going to go. Rest up and then it’s off to Rustboro City for my first Gym battle!” Ash said.

“Pi-Pikachu!” Pikachu nodded and hopped on his trainer’s shoulders while the rest of the Pokémon were returned and the group of friends all traveled to the Pokémon Center.

The Pirate Cats meanwhile came in for a hard landing as they were now in a different part of the Hoenn League.

“Do you know where we are now?” Youngblood moaned after landing.

“We should have just left when we had Pikachu,” Meelo groaned.

“Instead of going after their Pokémon we should’ve went after their really good soup. We still haven’t gotten anything to eat.” Link cried.

“Doduo!” A Doduo, a two-headed bird Pokémon appeared in front of them.

“Well, guessing that we’re across this Kanto native Doduo, I’d say we’re in the Hoenn Region Safari Zone.” Brendan explained to everyone.

“Should we get one for Tetra?” Clyde asked. Brendan shook his head.

“No. They’re really annoying. And their evolution is worse. Let’s go back to finding a legend Pokémon.” Brendan led the team to find their way out of the Safari Zone when suddenly…

“Wobbuffet!” A Wobbuffet popped out of the bushes.

“Ahh! But not as annoying as these things!” Brendan yelled in surprise.

“No kidding. I’m tired of these things. That’s one of the best reasons being with you guys now, is no more Wobbuffet,” Meowth grumbled while imitating a Wobbuffet when saying its name.

“They can only use counter. Not the type of fighting style I look for in my Pokémon,” Brendan added. “Come on, we should almost be out.”




A bunch of Wobbuffet surrounded the Pirate Cats.

“Get out of our way!” Youngblood smacked a Wobbuffet away as if it were an inflatable punching bag. Meelo ended up tripping over one of the Wobbuffet’s tail and knocked into Brendan.

Brendan gasped. “Oh no! The Master Ball!” The Master Ball rolled out of Brendan’s pocket and rolled down a hill and bounced up and onto the head of a Wobbuffet! The Wobbuffet was caught inside the Master Ball.

“Ahhh!” The boys all yell in shock. “No!”

“Brendan, is it really true that a Pokéball can only be used once?” Link asked. The Pokémon trainer nodded. They all fainted. “How are we going to present this to Tetra?”

When they got back to Hyrule, Link was the first one into Tetra’s throne room. He went in with a nervous grin.

“H-hey Tetra,” he was starting to sweat.

“Link!” Tetra looked really excited to see her boyfriend coming into her throne room she actually gave him a hug! “I’m so glad you’re back. So, did you catch me a Pokémon?” She smiled.

“Well, yes,” Link nodded, as technically they caught ‘a Pokémon’.

“Oh, I can tell it’s a good one. You’re so proud of yourself you can’t even talk. It’s okay Link. For today, I’m proud of you.” Tetra replied. That’s when the rest of the team entered. “Ah, the Master Ball,” Tetra grabbed it from Brendan. “Alright. New, all powerful legendary Pokémon! Come on…out!” Tetra tossed the ball and a red beam of light shined the room for a matter of moments.

“WOBBUFFET!” The Wobbuffet cried out its name and then placed its hand on its head in its signature pose. Tetra’s face looked just like Wobbuffet’s! Her eyes shut and mouth zig-zaggy in disbelief.

“Well, I guess you could say it was a perfect match,” Meowth snarked seeing the two look like twins almost. Tetra glared back at all of them, causing them to gulp. She returned the Wobbuffet back into the Master Ball and walked back over to Brendan. She placed the Master Ball back into his hands.

“You know what? You guys can keep it. Consider it a gift. I only gave you guys one job to capture a rare, legendary, powerful Pokémon with a Master Ball where you don’t even have to fight it! And you couldn’t even do that!” Tetra scolded. “If Gonzo and his crew of actual competent pirates hadn’t come back before you with treasure from the actual abandoned city of Atlantis, I’d be thumping you all on the head right now.”

“But, Tetra,” Link tried to cut in but was shot down.

“I don’t want to hear it!” Tetra covered his mouth with her hand. “You. Failed. Now, please, get out of my sight. I don’t want to see you guys for the rest of the day.” Tetra groaned walking back to her throne. The boys all left her castle to hang out in Youngblood’s ship for the rest of the night.

“Idiots.” Tetra sighed as she rested her head on the throne.

While walking towards Youngblood’s ship, Clyde broke the silence.

“So, any plans on what to do next?” Clyde asked.

“Whatever involves eating,” Link replied.

“As for how to make up for this to Tetra, we’ll think up something,” Youngblood added.

“Well whatever we come up with it better be good. I’m not used to losing like this,” Meelo moaned. They all walked a few more steps when suddenly.

“Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet managed to pop out of its Master Ball.

The boys all fainted from Wobbuffet’s unexpected appearance.

“Through my luck I’m going to have to say you’re all going to have to get used to this,” Meowth complained.
Pirate Cats: Old Enemies, New Tricks
In case anyone got confused with Brock's explanation, yeah it doesn't make much sense but it's an excuse to have them say be in Hoenn in this one episode and then have them appear in say a Johto era episode or Diamond/Pearl the next and this includes to all other shows as well so I can play around in different shows timelines and wouldn't have to just stick with one. 

So, hope you enjoyed this one! A new member has joined! 

Youngblood: Danny Phantom
Link and Tetra: Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Meowth and Brendan: Pokemon
Clyde: South Park
Meelo: Korra
Pokemon Anime: Pokemon

Favorite Pre-1990 Disney Animated Movie 

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