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Random Favourites

Taken from PurfectPrincessGirl

*Donkey Kong Country
*Super Mario Bros
*Legend of Zelda
*Danny Phantom
*South Park
*Backyard Sports

First character I fell in Love With: 
*Donkey Kong Country: Diddy Kong. From playing Donkey Kong Country 2 being my favorite game from the SNES, Diddy Kong was always my character. 
*Super Mario Bros: Yoshi. Got to love the dinosaur. :aww: 
*Legend of Zelda: WindWaker Link (AKA "Toon" Link). Wind Waker was the first full Zelda game I played and I loved it. Toon Link coming into Brawl got me into the series. He's awesome!! :D 
*Danny Phantom: Tucker. What you Want was one of my early favorite episodes and until Youngblood came in, Tucker was my favorite character. 
*South Park: Stan. Can't go wrong with the "Everyman". :giggle: 
*Backyard Sports: Pablo Sanchez. Who else? 
*Pokémon: Meowth. That's right. ;) 

Character I never expected to love as much as I do now: 
*Donkey Kong Country: Cranky Kong. His wise cracks are much more funny to me now that I'm older.  
*Super Mario Bros: Hammer Bros. They can be tricky in the games but in the sports games, I just love them! :)  
*Legend of Zelda: Toon Link. When Brawl came out, I wasn't into Zelda and was rather diswayed with another Link character. After some time, grew to love him. :) 
*Danny Phantom: Youngblood. I thought he'd be more annoying than led on but after seeing Pirate Radio and Fenton Menace he quickly catapulted into my favorite character. 
*South Park: Clyde Donovan. Sort of started out small background character and then played a fun role in Stick of Truth. :giggle: 
*Backyard Sports: Dante Robinson. I didn't really realize until after a while that I have him on every single team of mine in every sport and is the only one other than Pablo. 
*Pokémon: Ash Ketchum. I used to hate him. Now after focusing on him in a different perspective, you got to love how he loves his Pokemon and doesn't let every bump in the road phase him. 

The character everyone else loves that I don't: 
*Donkey Kong Country: King K Rool. I really didn't mind that the series went a whole new direction with different bad guys. I never played the games for the Kremlings, I played for the Kongs. And to be honest, I love the Snowmads even more than I ever did the Kremlings. :nod: 
*Super Mario Bros: Wario and Waluigi. Not really the biggest fans of them. I would always have them be opponents in sports games and run up the score against them. 
*Legend of Zelda: Sheik? I don't think she's immensely popular, but I hate using her in Smash Bros. :XD: 
*Danny Phantom: Vlad. 
*South Park: Randy Marsh. Sooooo overrated! 
*Backyard Sports: Pete Wheeler. 
*Pokémon: N/A

The character I love that everyone hates: 
*Donkey Kong Country: N/A. 
*Super Mario Bros: Birdo, Bowser Jr, Daisy
*Legend of Zelda: N/A. 
*Danny Phantom: Tucker? Dani? They seem to be more base breakers while having lots of fans and lots of haters. I love them both. 
*South Park: N/A
*Backyard Sports: Reese Worthington. People hate him for his asthma fatigue and then somehow the computer makes him look invincible (depending on the sport) but as I said in my Characters I Love, Everyone Hates meme, if you use him effectively, he's a really good aspect to the team. :)
*Pokémon: Max. I thought a lot of his moments were funny. 

The character I used to love but don't any longer: 
*Donkey Kong Country: N/A
*Super Mario Bros: N/A
*Legend of Zelda: N/A
*Danny Phantom: Danny. By the end of season 1, getting into a lot of season 2, he was a terrible friend to Tucker. Although, along with Sam, there are some moments in the show where they both shine that I like revisiting. 
*South Park: I actually used to like Randy back in the old episodes, but lately, he's just so overused. I'd appreciate more focus on other character and a chance for them to do something funny. 
*Backyard Sports: The pros. But now I like sticking with the Backyard Kids and mixing up some teams with just them. While I appreciate the pros making the series more popular, it's the Backyard Kids who got into my heart. :D
*Pokémon: N/A

The character I would like to be like: 
*Donkey Kong Country: Donkey Kong. Being strong and able to chill all day until enemies come along and can just punch them into oblivion with a single blow. :D 
*Super Mario Bros: Mario for being so courageous. 
*Legend of Zelda: Toon Link. How it would be fun traveling the world, control the directions of the wind, and be with pirates. ;)
*Danny Phantom: Youngblood. Be young again, no parents, do whatever, go whenever. Have powers to whatever you imagine. 
*South Park:
*Backyard Sports:
*Pokémon: Ash for the fun and adventure and to get along so good with your Pokemon. 

The character I'd slap: 
*Donkey Kong Country: King K Rool. 
*Super Mario Bros: Bowser. Quit kidnapping the princess and having me beat your ass over and over! 
*Legend of Zelda: Gonzo. For even thinking about getting with Tetra. And for having Link launched into a watch tower. 
*Danny Phantom: Danny himself for being such a tool. 
*South Park: Randy. Duh! 
*Backyard Sports: Tony Delvecchio. No, Tony, you're not as cool as you think. 
*Pokémon: Gary. While Paul comes to mind, Paul deserves to be punched; a slap sounds much more fitting for Gary. :XD: 

A pairing that I love: 
*Donkey Kong Country: Diddy x Dixie! Everyone throws "OTP" a lot, but this one is, my all time, number one OTP! :love: 
*Super Mario Bros: Yoshi x Birdo! 
*Legend of Zelda: Link x Tetra :love: 
*Danny Phantom: Youngblood x Dani
*South Park: Craig x Clyde. 
*Backyard Sports: Pablo Sanchez x Ashley Webber
*Pokémon: Brendan x May

A pairing that I despise: 
*Donkey Kong Country: None. 
*Super Mario Bros: LuigixRosalina. I ship Luigi with Daisy. 
*Legend of Zelda: Any that doesn't ship Link and Tetra together. :XD:
*Danny Phantom: Vlad x Maddie
*South Park: Cartman x Wendy
*Backyard Sports: Tony x (Either Ashley or Sidney) Webber 
*Pokémon: Paul x Dawn

Favorite Character: 
*Donkey Kong Country: Diddy Kong
*Super Mario Bros: Yoshi
*Legend of Zelda: Toon Link
*Danny Phantom: Youngblood
*South Park: Kenny McCormick 
*Backyard Sports: Pablo Sanchez 
*Pokémon: Meowth

My two least favorite characters: 
*Donkey Kong Country: N/A
*Super Mario Bros: Wario and Waluigi
*Legend of Zelda: Tingle and Maggie's dad
*Danny Phantom: Vlad and Box Ghost
*South Park: Randy Marsh, Eric Cartman. 
*Backyard Sports: Tony Delvecchio and Dmitri Petrovich 
*Pokémon: Paul, Cameron. 

My deep dark fandom secret: 
*Donkey Kong Country: It took me until this summer to actually beat DKC2. 
*Super Mario Bros: I actually would rather have Bowser Jr than the Koopalings. While I like the Koopalings, I wasn't upset to see them gone for a while and think they came back better. I still would, however, choose Bowser Jr over them and was disappointed of them getting character slots in Mario Kart 8 over Bowser Jr. 
*Legend of Zelda: I didn't get into this series until Wind Waker and I prefer Wind Waker to Ocarania of Time and Majora's Mask. 
*Danny Phantom: I was never on board with wanting the show to come back, even back when it was announced the show was getting canceled I disliked season 3 so much I was like, it's okay. The show isn't good anymore. 
*South Park: I didn't like the Black Friday trilogy. 
*Backyard Sports: I sometimes like losing on purpose. 
*Pokémon: I think it's stupid when people hold the generation 1 Pokemon up to such a high regard. Some of them aren't exactly the most well thought out designed. I mean Electrode and Voltorb are just inverted Pokeballs, Muk is just a slime monster, etc. 
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Watching: LLWS
  • Playing: Splatoon
  • Eating: Doritos Cool Ranch
  • Drinking: Sprite



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I started taking Graphics classes when I was a junior in high school. I wanted to at the time hope to work for a video game company (full shot dream being Nintendo specifically) and went to my local community college to pick up Game Design.

During those years, I discovered how complex computer science was and can't imagine one day myself writing code required to make games work so I'm currently looking more in the art field. Hopefully designing level environment or character design work as opposed to the more technical stuff.

I've been into video games ever since I was five and we had a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The games I had were Super Mario World, the 3 DonkeyKong country games, and Super Mario All Stars. There were a few others that weren't played much. When I got my own computer, I switched more to computer games and when I was 10 I saved my money up for a Playstation 2 which I still have to this day. I got back into Nintendo when I bought a Gamecube and I've stuck with Nintendo since.

I also own a Nintendo 3DS XL, previously owning Nintendo handhelds like Game Boy Color, Gameboy Advanced, and Nintendo DS. I stick to the main Nintendo series such as Mario, Donkey Kong and Pokemon.

Current Residence: Connecticut, United States
Favorite Colors: Green, Black, Blue
Favorite Food: Pizza (Plain Cheese or Sausage-Mushroom)
Favorite Animals: Monkeys, house cats, big cats, penguins, ducks, pandas
Favorite Art Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop
Gaming Console: Wii U and 3DS primarily. Seldom PC.
Favorite Youtube Channels: Abdallahsmash026, Insurd

Favorite Hockey Teams: Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Hartford Wolf Pack
Favorite Football Teams: New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals
Favorite Baseball Team: Boston Red Sox
Favorite Basketball Team: San Antonio Spurs

How many Level 100 Pokemon do you have? 

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Pirate Cats
Episode 7: Time Medallions

As said at the end of the last episode, the next place the Pirate Cats set off to was the Ghost Zone, Youngblood’s home. The zone was like outer space, but with a green atmosphere. Doors were floating, leading to endless dimensions. Like outer space, the zone was endless.

“So, what exactly are we looking for out here in the Ghost Zone?” Link asked. They had been wandering around the Ghost Zone for at least an hour and Youngblood hadn’t made any indication he had any idea where a place would be good to look.

“I do know there are several strong ghosts in the Ghost Zone that like to keep some sort of treasure that we can use to bring back to Tetra,” Youngblood replied.

“Captain, we’re approaching some tower,” Clyde alerted. “Should we stop and look around here? My feet are getting tired.”

Meelo was on top of the crow’s nest, looking out with a telescope.

“Taking a closer look, it looks like a clock,” Meelo commented.  

“Ah, I know that place! It’s Clockwork’s Tower,” Youngblood said. “He’s the ghost of time. You know, I’ve always wondered what was inside. His tower is always so heavily guarded. There must be something in there we could take.”

Brendan slouched on starboard looking unamused.

“What do you think is in there? Probably just some lame grandfather clocks that’s as old as Youngblood,” he sneered.

“Har, har,” Youngblood scowled.

“Yeah, but pirates love to go after all the antique stuff,” Meowth chimed in. “And maybe we can gather up some old pocket watches worth a fortune and give them to Tetra and she’ll begin to think we’re not a bunch of losers after all.”

Link walked over and liked what he heard.

“If we can find some that are gold and shiny then it will be perfect,” the Hyrulian warrior attested. “Looking at this place and from what you told us about the zone, captain, I’d say it’s worth checking out.”

“Clyde, port the boat. We’re going in,” Youngblood ordered.

“Aye, aye,” Clyde replied while taking the ship and lowering it down to a stop on one of the millions of rocks in the Ghost Zone.
Heading off they were approached at the door by a team of Observants who acts as watcher of the Ghost Zone and human worlds. They see everything, though appear to do nothing. They didn’t at any time try to trap the Pirate Cats from getting so close to the door.

“Halt there, troublemakers,” called one of the Observants.

“You are not permitted to enter Clockwork’s tower. Leave now or be apprehended,” another Observant warned.

“Do you have any idea who we are, egg head?” Meowth snarled.

“Yes, the Pirate Cats. We Observants keep an eye on everything. In the Ghost Zone and all of its touching dimensions. We know all of your failures,” one of the Observants commented.

“Hey!” Meelo protested.

“You will not be given the opportunity to turn around. You will be apprehended now. Seize them.” A captain Observant ordered the others to surround the pirates and they backed up into a huddle.

While the Observants easily managed to grab the ghost captain, their hands phased through the others.

“What’s going on?” Meowth asked.

“I don’t know!” Clyde hollered.

“It looks like their ghost hands can’t touch us in the Ghost Zone. We’re phasing right through them like what Youngblood can do in our outside world.” Brendan commented.

“Well lucky for you guys,” Youngblood huffed as he was being held by an Observant. Clyde used a smoke pellet and shot the Observant holding the captain in the eye, exploding right in his face, freeing the ghost pirate.

“Sceptile! Let’s go!” Brendan called out his grass starter. “Use Leaf Storm!” The fully evolved gecko Pokémon summoned a hurricane of leaves around him and sent them straight at the Observants that knocked them around.

Meelo spun around, creating a tornado to send more of the Observants away. Link likewise used his hurricane spin to knock the ghost guards out and finally Meowth leaped on as many as he could and scratched the Observants in the eye. There was a clear path to the doorway now. With Brendan returning Sceptile, the Pirate Cats made their way inside.

“When do we know what we’re looking for?” Clyde asked.

Walking inside, they all saw what would be inside any old clock. Eventually, the boys would come across something that would give them some interest. Inside a glass case was a lineup of more than a dozen medallions. They had the initials CW carved in the middle.  

Link busted the glass open with the Hero’s sword and they all grabbed the medallions. Wrapping them around their necks

“What do we do with them? I can tell they have buttons,” Clyde started clicking on it but nothing seemed to happen.

“These are duds,” Meowth groaned.

“Wait, I heard Clockwork is one of the toughest ghosts in the zone. There’s got to be something to these that we aren’t noticing,” Youngblood said. He shook the medallion he was wearing but still nothing seemed to happen.

“Perhaps we can give them back to Tetra in hopes she thinks they’re antique necklaces.” Meowth suggested.

“And how exactly would that be okay with her?” Clyde asked.

Meowth walked away from the others and started his fantast, “Just imagine Tetra sitting in her throne room. She’s just sitting there, all jewelry-less and bummed out that she can’t find any that wouldn’t make her look too princess-y. So, with the antique looking ‘necklaces’ she’ll have all the symbolic authority she needs and she’ll say: ‘For giving me all these priceless necklaces I declare Meowth and friends as the best pirates to ever sail the dimensions!”

“I really don’t think Tetra will be convinced that these are necklaces. Specifically necklaces she’d enjoy,” Link grumbled.

“Yeah,” Brendan agreed. “We’ll just be booted out of her throne room again.”

“Well, I say we take them anyway,” Meelo marched back toward the ship. “At least this time we’re taking something back to Hyrule. If anything, we tell Tetra about beating those one eyed freaks up for these.”

“True,” Clyde followed Meelo. “And at least we didn’t get blown up and shot into the sky or something lame like that.”

Arriving back in Hyrule, Brendan was the only one still wearing the Clockwork medallion with the rest of them in a crate. They were being presented to the leader of Hyrule, Tetra.

“You see Tetra, we had a grueling, yet completely one-sided fight against these giant monstrous ghosts for these necklaces that we present here today for you, m’lady,” Meelo bowed.

Tetra looked at them completely deadpan. “First off, don’t ever call me ‘m’lady’ again if you don’t want me to knock you out. Second, these look like your run of the mill lame medallions.”

“Uh,” Youngblood stuttered. “I guess they kind of are. You see though, the medallions they belong to one of the most powerful ghosts in all of the Ghost Zone. They’re probably looking for us right now.”

“Why do I care about the Ghost Zone? This is Hyrule!” Tetra groaned. She shook her head.

“Well, you can wear one around your neck and have a more symbol of authority,” Meowth spoke up, which that had been his original intention but the retired pirate captain was having none of it.

“Enough! Until you boys find something that actually gives me worth, I don’t want to see any of you in my castle!” Tetra yelled.

“But…Tetra,” Link kneeled, almost on the brink of a tear in his eye.

“Oh alright, Link you can still come in. The rest of you, out!” Tetra ordered.

“Just give it a bit more thought,” Brendan protested.

“Guar” Tetra started to yell for Gonzo and the rest of her old crew when Brendan pressed a button on the medallion that suddenly threw a swift in the castle. Everyone stopped moving and Tetra was standing with her mouth open from yelling at them but no words were coming out.

Brendan blinked and looked around and noticed that none of them were moving. No noise either.

“What?” The Hoenn native walked around to make sure this wasn’t just his eyes playing tricks on him. It appeared time had stopped. “How did this?” He was right in Tetra’s face when he pressed the button again. Tetra immediately jumped back into her throne, knocking it over, fell to the floor.

“Tetra!” Link shouted, running to her and helped her stand.

The others had their jaws dropped from seeing that Brendan, to them, magically teleported. Being helped to her feet, Tetra demanded explanations.

“You!” She poked Brendan in the chest. “How did you that?!”

“I-I don’t know,” Brendan stuttered. He couldn’t believe what had happened either.

“I bet the thing is magic,” Meelo interrupted with a pumped fist.

“No, it’s something supernatural. It came from the Ghost Zone, dummy,” Clyde retorted, knocking the airbender’s hand away.

“Hey! Who are you calling, dummy?” Meelo glared.

“That can’t just happen, so you better tell me what you’re doing,” Tetra hassled the Pokémon trainer but Brendan cut her off.

“Look, all I did was press this button,” Brendan explained and pushed the button again. Tetra was holding on to Brendan’s shoulder so this time she felt the effect too. She yelped.

Once again the castle stood still.

“So, this medallion stops time?” Tetra asked when she could process what was going on.

Brendan looked around before answering and noticed that Meelo and Clyde were very slightly moving still from their argument and Link was getting setting the throne back up to its place.

“No. Look there; they’re still moving,” Brendan pointed. “I think this makes time move really slowly. There’s got to be hundreds of combinations to this thing. Youngblood was telling us that they belonged to a ghost of time.”

Tetra walked over to the bickering pirates and placed one hand on each of their heads, then bumped them together.

“I can’t wait for them to feel that,” she chuckled; then, returned to her throne and sat down. “Okay, bring us back to real time.”

Brendan pushed the button to resume time normally and Clyde and Meelo bumped their heads with a thunk sound and fell to the floor with a cry in pain.

“Ow!” Clyde and Meelo cried in unison, rubbing the bumps on their heads.

“So these medallions can come of use to you after all, huh?” Youngblood asked.

Tetra nodded. “You guys actually found a good treasure for once. For that I should award with you. For one month in my castle you can enjoy Hyrulian pizza on the house.” Tetra opened the crate and put one of the time medallions around her neck.

The Pirate Cats all cheered.

“It’s nice to be rewarded for once!” Youngblood shouted in glee.

“And I heard there’s nice juicy anchovies too,” Meowth purred thinking about it.

Hours passed and everything seemed to be all is well. Link was in the huge dining hall eating pizza when suddenly coming from the throne room.

LLLLLLLIIIIIIIINNNNNNNKKKKKKKK!” The voice was coming from Tetra whose shout lasted for about a dozen seconds.

“What’s that about?” Clyde asked, dropping his pizza slice.

“She made me spill my drink!” Meelo whined, wiping some of it off the table and onto the floor.

“I’ll go check and see what she wants,” Link scooted off his seat and headed to the throne room where upon seeing the sight of Tetra, he leaped back.

What had happened to her?!

She was pale white, wrinkly eyed, her hair was gray and she was hunched over.

“What happened to me?!” She yelled.

“What did you guys do to Miss Tetra?” Gonzo glared, crossing his arms. “She sends you fools out on missions to make her happy, and yet you bring back something that turned her into an old hideous lady? Shame on you guys!”

“I-I-I” Link shivered. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “How? What have you been doing?”

“I was using that time medallion you guys gave me. I had time slowed down for a while and then after a while I went back to normal and…THIS!” Tetra explained while having a hard time staying calm.

Next, Brendan and Youngblood came into the room. Both boys had their eyes nearly pop out of their heads on the site of Tetra.

“Woah? What happened to you?” They ask in unison.

“I think I’m going to lose that free pizza,” Brendan gagged.

“What happened to her?!” Gonzo demanded.

“She says that she used the medallion all day long,” Link explained.

“Well, I don’t know the power of those things. Only that they belonged to one of the most powerful ghosts in the Ghost Zone,” Youngblood shrugged.

“Maybe since the medallion doesn’t full on stop time and you’re moving thousands of times faster, maybe the effects made you age so quickly.” Brendan commented. “I might know someone who can fix it.” Meanwhile, some of the wrinkles have grown off Tetra and her hair was beginning to transition back to her usual blonde color. “And good news, you’re beginning to go back to normal, so I guess you should just take it easy for the time being. Link, are you coming with me?”

“Nah man, I should really stay here with Tetra. Make sure she does alright. You guys go on without me this time.” Link replied with a smile.

Brendan nodded, knowing Link’s close relationship with Tetra it made sense. Returning to the dining hall, Youngblood had something to say after Brendan told them that they should return to the Pokémon World again.

“You know, you should probably just do this yourself Brendan,” the ghost said.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Brendan asked.

“We’ve been to the Pokémon World a few times already,” Youngblood replied. “And this is kind of your fault anyway.”

“What?!” Brendan yelled. “It was your idea to go there in the first place! Meelo’s idea to bring them back here after we thought they were worthless! Clyde and Meowth egged him on! How was this my fault?!”

“You showed her how it worked.” Clyde replied taking a sip of soda.

“Yeah,” Meelo agreed. “You had more to do with this than us.”

“Told you we should’ve sold them off as necklaces,” Meowth munched on an anchovy.

“You guys are unbelievable!” Brendan kept yelling, his face turning red and fists clenched. A popping noise came from Brendan’s pocket and out came Wobbuffet.

“Wobbuffet,” Wobbuffet said while saluting everyone in the room. Brendan turned around with his angry look.

“And you stay out of this!” Brendan shouted and immediately returned the patient Pokémon.

“Wobbuh,” Wobbuffet said calmly while being returned inside his Master ball.  

“Fine! I’ll go myself. Some crewmates you guys are.” Brendan huffed and left the dining hall to return home in the Pokémon World. As soon as the Pokémon trainer was gone, the other boys talked amongst themselves.

“I just didn’t want to go to that boring lab again,” Youngblood said.

“I just didn’t want to move on out so quickly,” Clyde added.

“I just wanted his pizza,” Meelo took one of Brendan’s untouched slices and put it on his own plate.

“I just didn’t want to stop eating these yummy anchovies,” Meowth purred.

Later, in Sandgem Town, Brendan had handed over the medallions to his Sinnoh friend Lucas. He explained that they got them from a ghost dimension, but that they work anywhere but that it makes the user grow older in one of its uses and hopes the new Sinnoh professor can fix it.

“Sorry, buddy but I don’t think this is in my level of expertise. I study Pokémon and regions. Not ghost mechanical technology,” Lucas said, handing the medallion back. “Sorry you came all this way for nothing.”

“Maybe not,” Kenny said from the couch in the other room. Brendan and Lucas walked in to find Kenny watching the TV. “You know how when someone needs something and then the television conveniently gives you exactly what you want? Check this out.”

On TV a reporter was a interviewing a young blonde boy standing next to a robot.

“So, tell us how you made this new robot invention, Clemont,” the reporter said while putting the mic up to the inventor, Clemont.

“Well you see as an inventor, I can’t be at the Lumiose City gym 24 hours a day, so I need this to serve as a backup. No longer will trainers be held in waiting lines. The future is now thanks to science!” Clemont grinned at the camera. Kenny shut the TV off.

“Well, I think we all know what that means next,” Kenny said.

“Wait, you want to come with?” Brendan asked. “Aren’t you two hiding out here?”

“I got my Hypno. If anybody comes by…well, their mistake,” Kenny chuckled.

“I see you adjusted well to the bad side rather quickly,” Brendan teased.

“Yeah, well, being cooked up here 24/7 really gets to you,” Kenny replied.

“Which is why I’m coming too. Torterra will keep us out of trouble,” Lucas added.

Brendan nodded and with a smirk, unveiled the next plan. “Alright, we’re going to Kalos.”
Pirate Cats: Time Medallions
Wasn't too happy writing this one in the beginning as I ended up scrapping ideas due to writers block. Such as having Clockwork in it and Danielle was supposed to make an appearance too and the Observants came off even weaker than what I intended but all of that is mostly filler to where this arc is going so I downplayed the Observants and scrapped Dani and Clockwork from this episode. I do like how it picked up at the end when going back to Hyrule though. Was on page 3 and then wrote the last 4 and a half pages today. 

I do have the entire drafted plan of this arc so the next chapter should come by the end of the weekend. Happy Thanksgiving readers! :D 

So, next episode will probably feature just Brendan along with Kenny and Lucas with the introduction to the next ally for the Pirate Cats in the Pokemon World (it's not Clemont. Don't worry, I won't make him a bad guy. :giggle:). This series will be in the Pokemon world for a while as the time medallion arc hits off. 

Youngblood: Danny Phantom
Link and Tetra: Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
Meowth and Brendan, Lucas, Kenny: Pokemon
Clyde: South Park
Meelo: Korra 


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raidpirate52 Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Look, I'm savvy enough to know you're going to write the H!A kids winning. It's fine because your writing is fan fiction.

I'm just telling you it would be very unrealistic and out of character. 
Bearquarter2008 Featured By Owner May 9, 2015
It is gonna be a barn burn, that's a promise
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