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Top 10 Characters I Like But Everyone Hates by raidpirate52
Top 10 Characters I Like But Everyone Hates
10: Sugar (Total Drama)

Why People Hate Her: She got Ella eliminated unfairly, was the "villain" in season 5, has an annoying stereotype. 

Why I Like Her: I thought she provided a lot of laughs in the Pakitew season. Such as the "Sugar Silo" moment and when she got blasted in the canon at her elimination screaming "I'm coming wizard" a great callback to early in the season.

9: Vicky (Fairly Odd Parents)

Why People Hate Her: She's sadistic, no redeeming qualities.

Why I Like Her: In the beginning of the show, she wasn't nearly as bad and was rather believable in a bad babysitter. Like everyone else in the show her negative qualities overshadowed her and she became the despised character we know now but I'm more holding on to the early Fairly Odd Parents. There actually are some episodes where Timmy was the bigger jerk and she wound up on top in the end. There's also the scene in "Power Mad" of watching fake shows with Cosmo and Wanda that were hilarious. 

8: Mai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Why People Hate Her: They hate her for Zutara. 

Why I Like Her: I hate Zutara, and she was much more than "just a girlfriend for Zuko". She saved Zuko and Sokka from getting captured, was the first to betray Azula, and always kicked ass in her scenes with her ninja skilled throwing knives/stars. Plus her stoicness was awesome. 

7: Reese Worthington (Backyard Sports)

Why People Hate Him: He seems to be better as a computer opponent than a playable character, his animations are cringe-worthy if he's your opponent, a comment on Youtube was taken very seriously into agreeing that he was the worst. 

Why I Like Him: He's really good in Backyard Football as a wide receiver and really good playing hockey. The key is to use him effectively before his stamina winds down from his asthma but during that time he's a sure weapon. 

6: Diddy Kong (Super Smash Bros)

Why People Hate Him: This applies only to Super Smash Bros since Diddy is immensly popular in his native Donkey Kong Country fandom and Mario fandoms. People hate him in Smash Bros because he's allegedly over powered or "top tiered". 

Why I Like Him: Being my number 1 favorite character ever, I'm defensive. Even if he is "top tiered" what? He can be a character for beginners to use like Pablo Sanchez was in Backyard Sports. If every character was the same level then you can't improve and the game is a lot more meaningless. I don't even think he's as invincible as people say he is. If you knock him off the stage, his recovery isn't very good. People just aren't as good at the game as they think they are. 

5: Bowser Jr (Super Mario Bros)

Why People Hate Him: He "replaced" the Koopalings, he's Bowser's only son according to Miyamoto. 

Why I Like Him: I never found the Koopalings all that necessary, I love him in the sports spinoffs and Mario Party games. 

4: Birdo (Super Mario Bros)

Why People Hate Her: They can't decide her gender, Yoshi's love interest. 

Why I Like Her: I love YoshixBirdo, it's my favorite Mario ship. Also, it's been made all but clear now that Birdo is canonically female now. The gender thing got confused over a GUIDE book, and not in any game themselves. Birdo is FEMALE, deal with it. 

3: Daisy (Super Mario Bros)

Why People Hate Her: She isn't Rosalina, Luigi's love interest, "HI I'M DAISY!"

Why I Like Her: I like LuigixDaisy, I do like Rosalina too but I find her overrated and she's also a tomboy who proves that being a tomboy doesn't mean you can't also do/like girly things. 

2: Meelo (Legend of Korra)

Why People Hate Him: Don't like toilet humor, "had too much screen time", "Too many lines", "sexist". 

Why I Like Him: Okay besides the toilet humor (which I thought was only the wrong time once), everything else he does I think is amusing. I really like how he was commanding the new airbenders. "One of these people will not come out of this alive." Had too much screentime/lines in front of Kai, Jinora, Ikki, Tenzin according to a few I can only shake my head. You see, unlike those four I mentioned, Meelo actually has a PERSON-A-LI-TY! Kai literally never did anything the whole time he was in the show or had any emotional moments, Jinora acted so stuck up in book 4 (which seems to not be noticed in the fandom), so who cares Meelo had more lines than them? At least he DID SOMETHING. And the fuck is with "sexist" being thrown around at random? Do people even know what that word means? Never was Meelo "sexist". That one line "I don't know about these two ladies" he's referring to his SISTERS. And only his sisters. It had nothing to do with girls in general, but Tumblr users get so damn sensitive these days they love to read into discrimination when it's never close.  

1: Max (Pokemon)

Why People Hate Him: He never had Pokemon, was a "tag-a-long" kid, didn't provide anything to the group, etc. 

Why I Like Him: I do agree being older I can see some of the criticism but I prefer to look at his better qualities. Max to me definitely made a perfect first impression. 

"You were in the Johto League Silver Conference." Ash: :nod: Max: "You lost in the 2nd round." Ash: :faint:
Perfect. He had many snarky lines that reminded me of early days Ash and the Ralts episode was arguably the best episode in the Hoenn arc. He also wasn't as much "The Load" as people think he was, more like the older cast thinking he was but Max was always shown to be able to take care of himself. 
184 AG

It's clear that the way that Airbenders are "supposed to live" wasn't for me. That life was boring. That's why I turned into a free Airbender. At first, I wanted to be part of an army. Though wait, I reflected back on my life. I've seen armies. They're quite pathetic. Kuvira's army? They lost. The United Forces? Are you kidding? They surrender to everybody! Three blasts from Kuvira and that was it for them. Cowards!

I gave up my life dream on wanting to be in the army. So, what am I, the only ambitious Airbender in the world supposed to do? I'm going become a warlord of course!

The Earth continent is where I have my eyes set on. They got the wealthiest people, the best goods, meat! Not to mention, the whole continent is weak after the defeat of Kuvira. Almost ten years, and they're still struggling to get back together.

I got the perfect place to make mine to start: Misty Palms Oasis. The desert is a perfect place for an airbender to take over and make his. Sandbenders are not very smart. Also, as an airbender, I'll be able to bend the sand somewhat. It's a very light element, so with my airbending, I'll be able to control the sand through the wind and perhaps make sandstorms, sand tornadoes, and make sand like torpedoes. It will be awesome! It's a light weapon, but definitely effective. I heard the stories on how Grandpa Aang once made an atom like bomb explosion in the desert.

Anyway, as for taking over Misty Palms Oasis? I'll get a loan to open up my own casino in the place. After a while, it will become the Earth Kingdom's most notorious tourist attraction. Making the whole place booming in economy, the residents and the sandbenders will naturally make me their president. Oh, but I'm not interested in becoming just a president. With the Earth Kingdom still unsure of how to dissolve into its own states, I'll easily annex the surrounding towns. Using the sandbenders and myself to create desert storms into surrounding states and thereby, expanding the desert, I'll be able to take over each state one by one.

In the eyes of the world government, they'll think that the sandstorms are natural and that they will give me the approval to look after these new sand-filled areas. What they won't notice is that I will be taking control of them. To the people of these states, I will be seen as a protector to them from the storms and, just like at Misty Palms Oasis, will agree to become part of my new Meelo World.

It won't be long until I take over the entire Earth Kingdom. Some states, however, like Ba Sing Se, Omashu, and Zaofu, will not be easy to get. I got a plan for them. Act like one of theirs is attacking our city. Start a false flag that will erupt into an Earth Kingdom Civil War between my bigger, now controlled country, against their puny cities. In not so long in time, the whole continent will be mine. There is one thing though. I will need more help if I'm going to pull this off.

I would definitely use the help of my wife, Tuyen. Yes, at the age of eighteen, I married. We met up again when I was twelve, the same age as my grandfather was when he met the love of his life, my grandmother, Katara, whom is still living by the way. She'll be watching my brown-nosing sister, Jinora, give birth to her third child later this month. Keep on living Grandma!

Anyway, Tuyen will be my lady at hand, my second in command. Imagine her, walking right alongside me. You'll never in your life see a more beautiful couple. Think Tuyen is still that petite flower girl from almost ten years ago? I learned she's a very skilled grappler. It's a lot more effective than chi blocking, and painful. Her grip is so strong, it's like she has multiple hands! You can't ask more from a nonbender. She's the best! Still, two won't be enough. I'll need more. What does a future warlord like me need? Secret agents.

How will I set up these agents? Perhaps assign them numbers? Letters? Days of the week? I don't know, but the most powerful ones will answer to me directly. Such as maybe a combustion bender or a lightning bender or something. The sandbenders can be called the sandbenders. And then have some undercover regular citizens be called extras.

Lastly, looks are everything. What will I look like as a king of what I will now call Meelo World? Well, to prove my coolness, I'll slay a dragon. Then turn his scales into a long coat. Have the long coat be so long that it goes way past my arm length and practically goes to my ankles. Sure, I don't need a coat in the desert, but just imagine how cool I'll look. I probably won't even use the sleeves! Just let it hang there almost like a cape. Oh, and perhaps maybe even add some bling to my fingers. Golden rings on all of my fingers. Just add a scar going across my face, have a wicked smile and I should be all set!

I'll be so cool, Korra will say,

"For being so manly looking, I won't even interfere with Meelo's plans to be awesome and actually stand by him for support and even lend a hand to him to take over Republic City and the rest of the world!"

Well in case that doesn't work out…

Bolin can't bend sand. The Beifongs can't bend sand. Me and my team of sandbenders will create a sandstorm on them. They will be blinded with sand! So, the only thing that would perhaps stop me is if Korra goes into her Avatar state. Which I already know won't happen. I'm Meelo! I've known Korra all my life, and she would never go into the Avatar State on me! Even if the remote possibility that she doesn't want to side with me. My grandfather wanted a new age of Airbenders, and I'm showing off that potential. My grandpa would be so proud if he was alive to meet me.
Meelo's Journal
So I stayed up the night writing this. Anyone notice who Meelo is turning into essentially? Hint: From an anime about pirates. If you know the answer, it's obvious but I'd love to see if someone in the comments section gets it. :) 
Hope you enjoyed this small drabble. 


United States
I went to Florida for the weekend in my dad's trailer. Was definitely nice to get out of the winter weather for three days. Over 70 degrees and sunny. Now I'm back in Connecticut where it's snowing and in the teens. :XD: 

On Saturday night I went to the Tampa Bay Lightning game. Wonderful arena. Great seats. The Lightning beat the Columbus Blue Jackets for their 10th straight home win. :dance: 

Sunday night was the Super Bowl. I watched the first half with my dad and two of his friends from the trailer park. Patriots definitely looked better in the first half but Seattle had two quick out of nowhere perfect drives to have the score tied at 14. 

2nd half we went back (it was just me and my dad for the 2nd half) back in his trailer and the Patriots didn't look like themselves in the third quarter. Getting themselves down by 10 points going into the 4th. I kept my hope up though and the Patriots had a great drive to cut the lead 24-21. One 3 and out by the Seahawks later and all we needed was a field goal. Instead a great drive and then a touchdown pass to Edleman!! Tom Brady now with 4 touchdown passes to 4 different receivers. A 28-24 lead.

Knowing how quick it can take for the Seahawks to score I wasn't counting victory yet. And good lord...before the 2 minute warning the Seahawks were already in Patriots territory. Then for the THIRD flipping time, a fluke of all flukes, a miracle catch and I just felt like getting shot. This couldn't happen again, and then...INTERCEPTION!! I was jumping up and down happily and the Patriots FINALLY after 10 years, get that evasive 4th title. It was well earned. Congrats and my man, Tom Brady winning the MVP!! 

Also, I used to hate Sonic the Hedgehog but wow, he's grown on me now. Sonic Boom is a cute show and playing him in SSB4 U certainly helps. Sonic, you're no longer hated. 
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