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Random Favourites

Taken from PurfectPrincessGirl

*Donkey Kong Country
*Super Mario Bros
*Legend of Zelda
*Danny Phantom
*South Park
*Backyard Sports

First character I fell in Love With: 
*Donkey Kong Country: Diddy Kong. From playing Donkey Kong Country 2 being my favorite game from the SNES, Diddy Kong was always my character. 
*Super Mario Bros: Yoshi. Got to love the dinosaur. :aww: 
*Legend of Zelda: WindWaker Link (AKA "Toon" Link). Wind Waker was the first full Zelda game I played and I loved it. Toon Link coming into Brawl got me into the series. He's awesome!! :D 
*Danny Phantom: Tucker. What you Want was one of my early favorite episodes and until Youngblood came in, Tucker was my favorite character. 
*South Park: Stan. Can't go wrong with the "Everyman". :giggle: 
*Backyard Sports: Pablo Sanchez. Who else? 
*Pokémon: Meowth. That's right. ;) 

Character I never expected to love as much as I do now: 
*Donkey Kong Country: Cranky Kong. His wise cracks are much more funny to me now that I'm older.  
*Super Mario Bros: Hammer Bros. They can be tricky in the games but in the sports games, I just love them! :)  
*Legend of Zelda: Toon Link. When Brawl came out, I wasn't into Zelda and was rather diswayed with another Link character. After some time, grew to love him. :) 
*Danny Phantom: Youngblood. I thought he'd be more annoying than led on but after seeing Pirate Radio and Fenton Menace he quickly catapulted into my favorite character. 
*South Park: Clyde Donovan. Sort of started out small background character and then played a fun role in Stick of Truth. :giggle: 
*Backyard Sports: Dante Robinson. I didn't really realize until after a while that I have him on every single team of mine in every sport and is the only one other than Pablo. 
*Pokémon: Ash Ketchum. I used to hate him. Now after focusing on him in a different perspective, you got to love how he loves his Pokemon and doesn't let every bump in the road phase him. 

The character everyone else loves that I don't: 
*Donkey Kong Country: King K Rool. I really didn't mind that the series went a whole new direction with different bad guys. I never played the games for the Kremlings, I played for the Kongs. And to be honest, I love the Snowmads even more than I ever did the Kremlings. :nod: 
*Super Mario Bros: Wario and Waluigi. Not really the biggest fans of them. I would always have them be opponents in sports games and run up the score against them. 
*Legend of Zelda: Sheik? I don't think she's immensely popular, but I hate using her in Smash Bros. :XD: 
*Danny Phantom: Vlad. 
*South Park: Randy Marsh. Sooooo overrated! 
*Backyard Sports: Pete Wheeler. 
*Pokémon: N/A

The character I love that everyone hates: 
*Donkey Kong Country: N/A. 
*Super Mario Bros: Birdo, Bowser Jr, Daisy
*Legend of Zelda: N/A. 
*Danny Phantom: Tucker? Dani? They seem to be more base breakers while having lots of fans and lots of haters. I love them both. 
*South Park: N/A
*Backyard Sports: Reese Worthington. People hate him for his asthma fatigue and then somehow the computer makes him look invincible (depending on the sport) but as I said in my Characters I Love, Everyone Hates meme, if you use him effectively, he's a really good aspect to the team. :)
*Pokémon: Max. I thought a lot of his moments were funny. 

The character I used to love but don't any longer: 
*Donkey Kong Country: N/A
*Super Mario Bros: N/A
*Legend of Zelda: N/A
*Danny Phantom: Danny. By the end of season 1, getting into a lot of season 2, he was a terrible friend to Tucker. Although, along with Sam, there are some moments in the show where they both shine that I like revisiting. 
*South Park: I actually used to like Randy back in the old episodes, but lately, he's just so overused. I'd appreciate more focus on other character and a chance for them to do something funny. 
*Backyard Sports: The pros. But now I like sticking with the Backyard Kids and mixing up some teams with just them. While I appreciate the pros making the series more popular, it's the Backyard Kids who got into my heart. :D
*Pokémon: N/A

The character I would like to be like: 
*Donkey Kong Country: Donkey Kong. Being strong and able to chill all day until enemies come along and can just punch them into oblivion with a single blow. :D 
*Super Mario Bros: Mario for being so courageous. 
*Legend of Zelda: Toon Link. How it would be fun traveling the world, control the directions of the wind, and be with pirates. ;)
*Danny Phantom: Youngblood. Be young again, no parents, do whatever, go whenever. Have powers to whatever you imagine. 
*South Park:
*Backyard Sports:
*Pokémon: Ash for the fun and adventure and to get along so good with your Pokemon. 

The character I'd slap: 
*Donkey Kong Country: King K Rool. 
*Super Mario Bros: Bowser. Quit kidnapping the princess and having me beat your ass over and over! 
*Legend of Zelda: Gonzo. For even thinking about getting with Tetra. And for having Link launched into a watch tower. 
*Danny Phantom: Danny himself for being such a tool. 
*South Park: Randy. Duh! 
*Backyard Sports: Tony Delvecchio. No, Tony, you're not as cool as you think. 
*Pokémon: Gary. While Paul comes to mind, Paul deserves to be punched; a slap sounds much more fitting for Gary. :XD: 

A pairing that I love: 
*Donkey Kong Country: Diddy x Dixie! Everyone throws "OTP" a lot, but this one is, my all time, number one OTP! :love: 
*Super Mario Bros: Yoshi x Birdo! 
*Legend of Zelda: Link x Tetra :love: 
*Danny Phantom: Youngblood x Dani
*South Park: Craig x Clyde. 
*Backyard Sports: Pablo Sanchez x Ashley Webber
*Pokémon: Brendan x May

A pairing that I despise: 
*Donkey Kong Country: None. 
*Super Mario Bros: LuigixRosalina. I ship Luigi with Daisy. 
*Legend of Zelda: Any that doesn't ship Link and Tetra together. :XD:
*Danny Phantom: Vlad x Maddie
*South Park: Cartman x Wendy
*Backyard Sports: Tony x (Either Ashley or Sidney) Webber 
*Pokémon: Paul x Dawn

Favorite Character: 
*Donkey Kong Country: Diddy Kong
*Super Mario Bros: Yoshi
*Legend of Zelda: Toon Link
*Danny Phantom: Youngblood
*South Park: Kenny McCormick 
*Backyard Sports: Pablo Sanchez 
*Pokémon: Meowth

My two least favorite characters: 
*Donkey Kong Country: N/A
*Super Mario Bros: Wario and Waluigi
*Legend of Zelda: Tingle and Maggie's dad
*Danny Phantom: Vlad and Box Ghost
*South Park: Randy Marsh, Eric Cartman. 
*Backyard Sports: Tony Delvecchio and Dmitri Petrovich 
*Pokémon: Paul, Cameron. 

My deep dark fandom secret: 
*Donkey Kong Country: It took me until this summer to actually beat DKC2. 
*Super Mario Bros: I actually would rather have Bowser Jr than the Koopalings. While I like the Koopalings, I wasn't upset to see them gone for a while and think they came back better. I still would, however, choose Bowser Jr over them and was disappointed of them getting character slots in Mario Kart 8 over Bowser Jr. 
*Legend of Zelda: I didn't get into this series until Wind Waker and I prefer Wind Waker to Ocarania of Time and Majora's Mask. 
*Danny Phantom: I was never on board with wanting the show to come back, even back when it was announced the show was getting canceled I disliked season 3 so much I was like, it's okay. The show isn't good anymore. 
*South Park: I didn't like the Black Friday trilogy. 
*Backyard Sports: I sometimes like losing on purpose. 
*Pokémon: I think it's stupid when people hold the generation 1 Pokemon up to such a high regard. Some of them aren't exactly the most well thought out designed. I mean Electrode and Voltorb are just inverted Pokeballs, Muk is just a slime monster, etc. 
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I started taking Graphics classes when I was a junior in high school. I wanted to at the time hope to work for a video game company (full shot dream being Nintendo specifically) and went to my local community college to pick up Game Design.

During those years, I discovered how complex computer science was and can't imagine one day myself writing code required to make games work so I'm currently looking more in the art field. Hopefully designing level environment or character design work as opposed to the more technical stuff.

I've been into video games ever since I was five and we had a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The games I had were Super Mario World, the 3 DonkeyKong country games, and Super Mario All Stars. There were a few others that weren't played much. When I got my own computer, I switched more to computer games and when I was 10 I saved my money up for a Playstation 2 which I still have to this day. I got back into Nintendo when I bought a Gamecube and I've stuck with Nintendo since.

I also own a Nintendo 3DS XL, previously owning Nintendo handhelds like Game Boy Color, Gameboy Advanced, and Nintendo DS. I stick to the main Nintendo series such as Mario, Donkey Kong and Pokemon.

Current Residence: Connecticut, United States
Favorite Colors: Green, Black, Blue
Favorite Food: Pizza (Plain Cheese or Sausage-Mushroom)
Favorite Animals: Monkeys, house cats, big cats, penguins, ducks, pandas
Favorite Art Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop
Gaming Console: Wii U and 3DS primarily. Seldom PC.
Favorite Youtube Channels: Abdallahsmash026, Insurd

Favorite Hockey Teams: Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Hartford Wolf Pack
Favorite Football Teams: New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals
Favorite Baseball Team: Boston Red Sox
Favorite Basketball Team: San Antonio Spurs

How many Level 100 Pokemon do you have? 

No deviants said 0-4
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No deviants said 15 or more


Brendan by raidpirate52
I got Illustrator for the backup laptop I'm using and this time I finally got myself working on some projects. This is Brendan's Pirate Cats character card I guess you could say. 
He wears the same clothes as his ORAS self but switch the red for green since the Pirate Cats colors are black and green. 

His Pokemon in the series are: Sceptile, Zigzagoon, Slaking, Vaporeon, Pelliper, and Wobbuffet (in a Master Ball). 

Hands are hard and even harder with the pen tool. Ugh, so to try and cheat out of it, I have him crossing his arms. Makes him look even cockier doesn't it? :giggle: It's what I was going for with his face and then felt this would help even better. 

Brendan belongs to Pokemon. 

EDIT: Brendan's left leg has been fixed. 
Pirate Cats
Episode 6: Lucas

Walking through the woods at the end skirts of Lake Valor, Kenny stumbled upon familiar faces. He walked in on where the Pirate Cats had landed after being shot off in the last episode.

“Hey! It’s you guys!” Kenny yelled in anger, though the Pirate Cats were all lying down. It normally took hours before they would get up again. “You got a whole region to think I’m a pirate like you guys.”

Link rolled himself over to his front side and pushed himself to stand up, then helped Brendan to his feet as well.

“Well, we never intended for that,” Link said.

“Yeah, besides our crew is full. I don’t think you have what it takes to be a pirate anyway,” Youngblood said.

“I don’t want to be a pirate!” Kenny shot back. “In fact, I’m going to make you guys pay for this. You made Dawn think I’m a bad guy, and I may never have a chance with her!” Kenny held up a Pokéball containing Prinplup, but Brendan grabbed the coordinator’s wrist to prevent him from releasing his starter.

“Woah, don’t do this!” Brendan shouted. “If you do, I’ll have no choice but to have my Sceptile crush Prinplup to shreds.”

“Yeah, look, I’m sure there’s something we can do to shift the attention away from this,” Link suggested.

“Ah! I know just what to do! Let’s go back to the ship,” Brendan ordered everyone to follow him to the ship. The ship headed west. “I know just the guy who can help us.”

They made their way to Sandgem Town.

“Sandgem Town?” Kenny asked in confusion. “This is where Professor Rowan has his laboratory. Why are we stopping here? How can he help us?”

Brendan got off the boat, followed by everyone else.

“It’s not him we’re here for.” Brendan answered. Before they could get to the door, another boy came outside with a sense of worry on his face.

“Kenny? Brendan? Please don’t tell me the rumors are true,” the boy who came outside was Lucas. Although with the fact that there were pirates at the front door to the lab and a giant green ghost pirate ship ported just behind them made it abundantly clear, Lucas was in too much shock to put it all together.

“Afraid not, old friend. We joined a pirate gang,” Brendan chuckled.

“I am not with them! And I’m not a pirate!” Kenny yelled.

“Yeah, well, anyway Lucas it’s nice to see you in person again since we got kicked out of that Pokémon summer camp in Kanto when we were little,” Brendan said.

“You mean the summer camp you got us kicked out of?” Lucas grumbled. “My mom wasn’t very happy, you know.”

“Summer camp? What happened with that?” Clyde asked.

“I could tell that story. Could I, Youngblood?” Brendan asked the captain.

“Well, I’d rather you get it out before you constipate anymore back stories. I think you’re up to three now. Get this one out of the way since I don’t think a summer camp story is that important to save for later.” Youngblood replied.

“Well I know we came here to help Kenny out; but, before we can move on with that story, I have to tell you, this story.” Brendan started. “Alright, it all happened five years ago.”


Professor Oak hosted a Pokémon Summer Camp for children not yet old enough to own Pokémon. The Oak Corral provided many Pokémon that was owned by his trainers that gave the children there the perfect opportunity to be with Pokémon up close and personal.

While at the camp, Brendan had lots of energy and used it by chasing Pokémon around and trying to grab as many he could get his small hands on. He also got himself to wander off occasionally, resulting in reprimand from Professor Oak.

“Now Brendan I already told you: Don’t go wandering off. One more time and I’ll have to call your parents,” the professor warned. “To make sure you stay in line, I’m going to give you a buddy to keep their eyes on you.”

Since Brendan was a trouble-maker, Professor Oak naturally paired him up with the best-behaved kid at the camp: Lucas.

“Now, Lucas, I want you to make sure that Brendan stays with us as a group. Understand?” Professor Oak asked. Lucas gave the professor a nod.

Their contrast didn’t end there, however, as Brendan was loud and daring; Lucas was timid and gullible.

One day when the camp was at a small stream, Lucas was admiring a Poliwag.

“So, this Pokémon is a Poliwag,” he said to himself while watching it swim around. Brendan came out from the nearby bushes and put his hand on Lucas’s shoulder.

“Hey! Lucas, I got something really cool to show you,” Brendan said. “Way cooler than just a lame stream.”

“But, we have to stay with the group,” Lucas replied. “We’re going to see the Tauros next.”

“Come on dude, it will only take a minute. It’s just right down this hill. We’ll be back before anyone notices we’re gone. I promise,” Brendan crossed his fingers behind his back.

“Well…if you say we’ll be back in a minute…I guess,” Lucas fidgeted.

“Great, now come on. It’s this way,” Brendan said. The two boys went over into the woods, well past where Brendan had said they were going. Lucas ran up to the Hoenn boy and blocked his path.

“Hey! You said it was just down the hill. Why are we in the woods?” Lucas asked.

“It is just down a hill. A hill somewhere here in the forest,” Brendan grinned.

“You mean you don’t even know?! You just said ‘somewhere’ in this forest,” Lucas repeated. He started to drag behind Brendan who just seemed to go even faster.

“Well I do know that’s it’s somewhere past that hill we passed and somewhere in the woods,” Brendan said. Rushing further ahead of Lucas, Brendan got to an entrance to a cave. The entrance to the cave was taped off, with a warning sign.

The sign read “Ursaring Cave. Campers STAY OUT!”

“Do you know what an Ursaring is?” Brendan asked Lucas when the other boy made it to the cave.

“No, but we should probably head back now,” Lucas said. Brendan ducked under the rope of the sign and walked into the cave. “What are you doing? It says to stay out!”

“Oh, Lucas, don’t you know that only means the grown-ups are keeping something really cool a secret? I bet there are presents in here that they hold for everybody until the end of the session. Come on, let’s check it out!” Brendan walked even further. Lucas reluctantly entered the cave but stayed a good five feet from Brendan.

“Brendan, even if that’s true, we should just wait until the end of camp,” Lucas said. He was starting to shake and drift further behind.

Brendan scoffed. “Oh, Lucas, don’t be such a Torchic! We’re away from our parents. Away from Professor Oak! Away from rules! Let’s have fun.”

A growl echoed throughout the cave. Immediately the boys stopped walking and gasped. They knew that whatever made that noise was, it was not from a friendly creature, nor was anything small. Fortunately for them, they hadn’t gone deep enough for there was still sunlight luminating the path. Up ahead, they finally figured out what an Ursaring was. Three of them were waking up from a nap and, being the aggressive territorial creatures they are, were not pleased to see two small boys trespassing in their cave. One of the Ursaring gave an intimidating roar.

Brendan and Lucas both screamed loudly and turned around and started running as fast as they could out of the cave. The trio of Ursaring followed in pursuit. Lucas had struggled behind Brendan, so he grabbed the Sinnoh boy by the hand and pulled him alongside so they’d be running together. One of the Ursaring tried to use a scratch attack on the tykes, but they were too small to swipe, and it hit a tree instead. The other two Ursaring prepared to strike them with a hyper beam attack. Blasting the hyper beam at them, it missed its target; however, the impact pushed both boys into the air and past a cliff, sending them down into the river below, about a ten foot drop. The rapids sent the duo down the river, luckily away from the Ursaring who looked down and lost interest in pursuing them.

Down the river, they went through heavy rapids where they would submerge underwater for a few brief moments to smaller rapids where they can start trying to push themselves to the shore. Lucas got on the inside of a curve and grabbed a ledge. This time, he grabbed Brendan by the hand and pulled the Hoenn boy to the ledge. Brendan grabbed the ledge and pulled himself out of the water and then helped Lucas get out. Both of them collapsed on the ground, exhausted. Camp hadn’t even crossed their minds, as they were now lost and didn’t know where they were.

After about twenty minutes, Lucas got up and then it suddenly dawned on him that they were missing from camp. He didn’t even know where they were or how to even get back to camp.

“Brendan? Where are we? Camp?!” Lucas shouted. Brendan took an extra minute to catch his breath and just stared at Lucas like he had lost his mind.

“Ahh, don’t worry,” Brendan began but was cut off by Lucas.

“Don’t worry? Don’t worry? We have no idea where we are! I never should’ve listened to you and gone away from the camp. Professor Oak trusted me to make sure you don’t get in trouble, and you got us both lost!” Lucas shouted. He started to pace around gibbering before Brendan tried calming him down.

“Lucas, get a hold of yourself. We’d never find camp again by making panic decisions,” Brendan said. He looked around. “Have you read any adventure stories?”

“Eh, not really. I’m more interested in becoming a Pokémon professor one day so most of the books I read are factual stuff,” Lucas replied. He did think for a moment. “I think it’s best if we stay put. Maybe Professor Oak will send out a flying type Pokémon to look for us.”

Brendan grinned, confusing Lucas.

“What are you smiling about?” Lucas grumbled. “We wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for you.”

“Do you think they even noticed we’re gone yet? I mean we outran those Ursaring, went down a river and everyone else is back listening to Professor Oak talking about how Tauros grow eating certain grass.” Brendan said trying to get on the lighter side of the situation.

“I wanted to learn that,” Lucas mumbled.

“Relax, nerd, I bet we’ll be found any minute now,” Brendan replied while putting his hands behind his head and relaxed on the ground. “You have to admit, it was a pretty good rush, you know?” Lucas responded by ripping grass out of the ground, dunked it in the river and throwing them on Brendan’s face, causing him to spit. “Hey!”

Hours past and unfortunately no one found them. They were beginning to worry about even being looked for.

“Brendan, we’re still out here,” Lucas whined.

“I can see that,” Brendan rolled his eyes.

“We should look for food,” Lucas suggested. “I’m getting hungry, aren’t you?”

Brendan’s stomach growled when asked causing him to grin sheepishly. “Yeah, I guess so.”

The two began looking around for food when Brendan grabbed some berries from a nearby bush. The berries were bright red with small grooves.

“This one looks good,” Brendan picked it from the bush and put to his mouth.

“Stop!” Lucas yelled. “That’s an Occa berry. They’re very hot! You’ll never eat again if you eat those.” He swatted the berries out of Brendan’s hands. He grabbed some blueberries off a bush and gave some to Brendan. “Here, this is human food.” He started eating some followed by the Hoenn boy.

“Thanks, Lucas. If you weren’t here I’d be using flamethrower like a Charmander.” He chuckled. “Oh, that sounds so cool.” He reached down for the Occa berry, but Lucas kicked it in the river.

“Really, Brendan?” Lucas asked, shaking his head. Brendan shrugged, giving a grin.

Later that night, the temperature began to drop. Brendan was curled up and shivering his knees.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lucas asked. “It’s not that cold.”

“In Hoenn, it’s always really hot,” Brendan replied.

“I guess. Here, take this then,” Lucas took his scarf off and gave them to Brendan. The Hoenn boy wrapped it around his legs. “In Sinnoh, I guess it’s pretty cold. Colder than here, at least.”

“Thanks, Lucas. That’s a little bit better. You’re not so dweebish after all.” Brendan smiled, patting the other on the back. Lucas chuckled off the dweebish part.

“Yeah, for a trouble-maker, you’re not so bad either.” Lucas patted Brendan’s back as well. The night sky got darker and the two boys didn’t have any other choice but to get some sleep. Using the tall grass for warmth, they found surprising comfort.

“Brendan, wake up!” Lucas called to the Hoenn boy the next morning. “No one found us yet! Still! And it’s the next day!”

Brendan rubbed his eyes awake.

“Seriously? I can’t believe it. You’d think if Professor Oak was as good as everyone says that he is, he would’ve found us a long time ago. Brendan,” Lucas started to stutter. “Wh-what if we. If we aren’t ever found? I think we would’ve been found if we were to be found,” he started to cry.

“Hey, don’t cry! Look, they have to find us today! They just have to!” Brendan yelled which didn’t really make Lucas feel any better. “We’re over here! Can anyone hear me?!”

“Forget it, it’s hopeless,” Lucas hung his head between his knees.

“You don’t know that,” Brendan said.

The bushes behind them began to shake causing Brendan to jump behind Lucas. Out from the bushes was a boy with black hair and a yellow and red shirt.

“Oh, there you guys are.” It was Ash Ketchum. He had been cabin mates with both Brendan and Lucas. “We spent all day yesterday looking for you.”

“Really?” Lucas asked, finally stopping the tears.

“So how did it take so long for you guys to find us?” Brendan asked stepping in front of Lucas.

“Well you guys wandered off when we were going to the Tauros ranch. We looked over there and by the stream. We didn’t know you distanced off to the river,” Ash replied. “Professor Oak tried sending out Pokémon to find you but then Ursaring got loose.” Brendan and Lucas glanced a look at the other. “Anyway, follow me. We’re on a hike this morning to the hills.” Walking back towards the others Ash added, “You know it’s funny. Last session there was a pretty little girl who got lost just like you guys and I ended up finding her too.”

Getting back to the rest of the camp, Professor Oak expressed relief that the two were okay.

“Brendan! Lucas!” Professor Oak went up to them and put a hand on their shoulders. “I’m glad to see you two are okay. Thank you Ash for finding them and bringing them here.”

“No problem, Professor,” Ash smiled.

“Thank goodness everything turned out okay. I had to call your parents. I’m sure you two are too traumatized to make it through camp, so your mothers should be here soon to take you boys home.” Professor Oak reported. Brendan and Lucas again shared looks, this time of fear.

“Our mothers?” Brendan repeated.

When everyone got done with the hike, Professor Oak took Brendan and Lucas to his office in his lab where their mothers were waiting. Lucas’s mother hugged him right away, crying in worry.

“Oh, Lucas, thank Arceus you’re alright!” she sobbed, it nearly knocked Lucas to the floor. After she calmed down and stood back up she took a moment to catch her breath and then looked at her son with disappointment. “Now, Lucas, just. How could you break the rules like that? That isn’t like you? You really wanted to come to this camp.”

“Eh, well,” Lucas stuttered, too upset and disappointed in himself to speak, so Brendan spoke up for him.

“The whole thing was my fault,” Brendan said. “I was the one who promised Lucas cool things if he went with me. I’m the reason we were lost for a day and you were called in.”

“Well isn’t that a surprise?” Brendan’s mother scoffed, giving her son’s ear a tug. “To think, your father and I had to cancel our cruise trip to the Orange Islands because you had to screw up here at camp too! You ruined my vacation.”

Brendan gave a look of guilt to Lucas, feeling bad that he got him out camp. He didn’t really pay attention to his mother’s tirade as he was used to drowning those out; however, as it ended, he left the camp and back home to Hoenn as Lucas went to his home in Sinnoh and the two wouldn’t see each other again.

Well…until now.

“Wow, I’m just realizing.” Brendan awed. “I spent my entire Hoenn journey not even realizing I had known Ash before meeting him again in Hoenn! He was my rival the whole time that journey and not once did I think: that’s the kid who saved us at camp! Talk about a wild coincidence.”

“Wow, your mom sounds just as bad as my mom was,” Clyde commented.

“Both of my parents were awful,” Brendan replied. “So, what happened afterwards for you?”

“Well, my parents grounded me for a week,” Lucas reflected. “I remember I couldn’t leave my room. It was pretty harsh for a five year old if you ask me.”

“Pfft,” Brendan scoffed. “If I was grounded my parents wouldn’t let me inside. Anyway, I heard from Professor Birch one day that Professor Rowan got you as his assistant. So that’s how I knew I would find you here.”

“Yeah, it’s great,” Lucas smiled. “I’m hoping to take over one day and be the professor of Sinnoh.”

Brendan gave a look to Link and Youngblood and gave a nod.

“I’m glad to hear you say that, buddy,” Brendan got up from his chair and walked over to Lucas, whom was sitting next to Kenny, so Brendan put his hands on both their shoulders. “You see, Kenny here, is going to make that happen.”

“WHAT?!” Kenny and Lucas both shouted in unison.

“You want the cops off your tail don’t you?” Brendan asked to Kenny. “You traded your Alakazam for a Hypno, didn’t you? Well, it’s simple. We’ll just use the satellites on the Pokémon Lab to your Hypno’s psychic attacks and boom. Sandgem Town will think Lucas is the professor, and that Kenny isn’t a wanted criminal.”

Both Kenny and Lucas looked like they clearly didn’t want any part of this, but the Pirate Cats were there to further convince them.

“Come on, it’s your dream,” Link said with a grin. “Just think about it! Professor Lucas! Every trainer that comes through Sinnoh will be getting their first Pokémon from you.”

“And call you up for anything they might want,” Meelo added. “You’ll be heard of in all of Sinnoh.”

“That’s a lot of people that will look up to you and recognize your smarts,” Clyde smirked.

“And Kenny will be right there to be your assistant,” Meowth said.

“Huh? Wait a minute. How would I?” Kenny began to ask but Brendan cut him off.

“We can’t push the psychic attack past the Sandgem Town boundary. We might be able to get some of Twinleaf town, but that’s about it. You’d still be wanted elsewhere, so you’ll have to put your coordinator dreams on hold. Sorry.”

“Well, what about Professor Rowan? We can’t let anything bad happen to him,” Lucas said.

“Not at all. Kenny will just have Hypno make Professor Rowan go along with all of this. You know, send him out of the picture.” Brendan replied.

Inside Professor Rowan’s lab, the professor was walking to his office. Meelo was sneaking around the corner where Rowan would turn. The Airbender jumped out.

“Whiplash!” Meelo shouted, startling the professor and knocking him into a door unconscious with airbending an airblast to him. Youngblood phased the knocked out professor into the closet and Link tied his arms together with a rope.

Waking up, the professor was staring straight at a Hypno. He couldn’t see Kenny behind it. Still disoriented from his hit to the head on the door, most of his vision was all a blur. The Hypno started to swing its pendulum back and forth. Professor Rowan’s eyes naturally followed it.

“Professor Rowan, you think you are on an indefinite business trip to the Decolore Islands. Lucas is the professor of Sinnoh, so don’t worry about calling out.” Kenny said during the hypnosis trial. “Now, Hypno, use hypnosis.” The yellow Pokémon made the hypnosis official and Professor Rowan was now completely out of it. He left the building to head to the Decolore Islands without a second thought.

“Perfect,” Youngblood commented. “Now for you Kenny.”

“The satellites are this way,” Lucas said. “If any officer comes through here looking for Kenny, they will immediately forget they were looking for him when stepping into the hypnosis range.”

After that was taken care of, the Pirate Cats were ready to get back to Hyrule.

“Thanks for getting the law enforcement off my back. There’s no coverage on me at all here in Sandgem town,” Kenny smiled. “I guess you guys aren’t so bad after all.”

“Well, it’s nice to know there are some guys out here that we can call to whenever we come to the Pokémon region.” Link said. “We may not have gotten the Sinnoh Grand Festival trophy, but I’m sure Tetra will be happy to hear that we did get something out of this: new allies.”

“You really think she won’t be mad at us for failing to get her that trophy?” Clyde asked. “She didn’t seem so happy last time.”

Link gave a sheepish chuckle, knowing Clyde was right. Yeah, Tetra won’t be happy, but he knows that Tetra didn’t expect much from them anyway. He was right.

“Another failure, huh?” Tetra sighed after hearing the Pirate Cats explain everything getting back to Hyrule. “If I were to ask you boys to bring me back a branch from a tree, I’m sure a bird would somehow blast you clowns into the sky.”

“Oh, come on, Tetra. Surely you can have us beating a bird,” Meelo moaned.

“Actually, some of the birds around here are quite strong,” Link noted.

“Yeah, wasn’t it a bird that had once captured you?” Meowth laughed. Tetra threw a pillow at him. “Oof.”

“Still,” Tetra reflected. “I guess I shouldn’t judge you guys too harshly by effectively taking over a town in that region.” The boys’ eyes glowed in glee that Tetra was starting to compliment them for once. “Then again, it seemed like that Kenny kid did all the work hypnotizing everyone.” With that, the Pirate Cats fainted over. A popping sound came from Brendan’s pocket and out came Wobbuffet.

“Wobbuffet,” Wobbuffet greeted to everyone.

Quickly, the boys jumped back up and voiced their protests.

“Hey! It was me that knocked that professor out!” Meelo shouted.

“Yeah, well I got him in that closet!” Youngblood yelled above Meelo.

“We wouldn’t have even been there if not for me,” Brendan yelled. “It was my idea!”

“Well, I steered us there,” Clyde added.

“That doesn’t count as helping,” Youngblood snarled.

Tetra sighed and sagged down on her throne. Rubbing her eyes with her fingers, she was growing a headache.

“Hey! I don’t care who did what! Look, just come up with something else. When you do, just…try to succeed.” With that, the boys stopped arguing and left quietly.

“I think I may have an idea where to go next,” Youngblood said when they left the throne room. “The Ghost Zone, my home, should be a good place to explore for some treasure. It’s got endless possibilities; it shouldn’t take too long to come up with something.”

“I bet things found in a dimension like the Ghost Zone would be a fortune if brought back to Hyrule and Tetra would declare us her favorite pirates!” Meowth chirped. The others nodded in agreement.

“So it’s settled. The Ghost Zone is next,” Youngblood declared.

“Agreed,” the others say in unison.

“Wobbuffet,” Wobbuffet nodded while standing behind them. Brendan sighed and took out the Master Ball to return Wobbuffet into.

“Now! On to the Ghost Zone!” Youngblood shouted.
Pirate Cats: Lucas
I actually can't believe that this episode is longer than the last one. Wasn't my intention planning over the last two. :XD: 

So Lucas and Kenny now on the ally list. More to come! :D 

All characters belong to their respective owners. 

Youngblood: Danny Phantom
Link: Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
Meowth and Brendan, Lucas, Kenny: Pokemon
Clyde: South Park
Meelo: Korra 


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